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The Eye-Opening Truth About Using Coffee Grounds For Grass No One Talks About

The Eye-Opening Truth About Using Coffee Grounds For Grass No One Talks About

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What’s better than seeing a yard with a lush lawn covered in healthy and thick grass? ‘Nothing’ (every lawn owner whispers to themselves).

But we all know that the road between bare and healthy lawns is long and it takes a lot of effort, time, and patience to get there.

And if there’s something that can help us, we’ll accept it with open arms. That’s why I get so many questions about using coffee grounds for grass. I mean, this potent ingredient is frequently used for amending the soil, but will it help this time, too? 

So, is using coffee grounds on your grass a good idea or just another gardening hack that misses the mark? 

Coffee Grounds Are Super Beneficial For Your Grass!

It’s as clear as day! Plants love coffee grounds and grass isn’t an exception! This kitchen scrap is super rich in nitrogen, a nutrient that is essential for grass development.

But the story doesn’t end there. Coffee grounds also contain potassium and phosphorus, which are responsible for the overall health of grass.

Tiny microorganisms adore coffee grounds, which means the organic matter in your lawn will break down easily.

In a nutshell, coffee grounds are really beneficial for lawns and if you’re into sustainability, this is just another step to take.

However, nothing is black and white and the same refers to using coffee grounds for grass. I suppose you already use fertilizers for your lawn and you’re aware that they can be harmful if used in large doses.

The same works for coffee grounds. The pH levels in the soil play a major role in grass development and coffee grounds can unbalance them. Therefore, you’ll get an adverse effect if you are too generous when applying coffee grounds or if you use them too frequently.

I always combine coffee grounds with other fertilizers to get the greenest and thickest lawn.

And Here’s How To Use Them

How many coffee grounds are enough? How often should you apply them? These are the questions we desperately need to answer!

There are two ways to use this kitchen scrap for your lawn. The first one is to collect the coffee grounds in a jar or similar container and allow them to cool.

Wait until your lawn is completely dry and then sprinkle the coffee grounds before carefully raking them in.

The second technique is to add them to your compost heap. The advantage of this technique is that the grounds will decompose and combine with other ingredients found in your compost. As a result, you’ll get a fertilizer with a balanced ratio of nutrients!

I always apply coffee grounds after I aerate my lawn and before overseeding. Once the grass seeds are sown, they’ll germinate easily and their roots will be deeper.

I’m a coffee addict but I still can’t collect enough grounds for feeding my lawn grass. Luckily, local cafes and restaurants are willing to share the leftovers, so try this option too!

Are you ready to transform your lawn into a lush, green oasis? Coffee grounds can definitely help you with that, and your grass will reap all the benefits this kitchen scrap has to offer!