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Experience Year-Round Gardening With Automated Hydroponics

Experience Year-Round Gardening With Automated Hydroponics

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Gone are the days of waiting for the right season to cultivate your favorite plants. Thanks to automated hydroponics gardens, you can now enjoy the delights of gardening throughout the year. 

Discover how this innovative technology is changing the way we grow and enjoy plants, anytime, anywhere.

Let’s find out more about Nutraponics! 

All About Nutraponics

Growing houseplants has recently been replaced with homegrown veggies, herbs, and even fruits – all thanks to an innovative product called Nutraponics. 

Nutraponics, also known as the nutrient film technique (NFT), is a type of hydroponic system used for cultivating plants. You can look at it like a self-sustaining garden that solely relies on water-based solutions instead of soil and fertilizers in order to grow and thrive. 

In Nutraponics, a thin film of nutrient-rich water is continuously circulated over the plant roots, providing them with essential nutrients and oxygen. Higher yields and faster growth are the results of being able to precisely manipulate nutrient levels and environmental factors.

Using a patent-pending water distribution panel, an electronically controlled water pump sends nutrient-rich water directly to the roots of the plant, guaranteeing that they receive the nourishing fluids they require at the precise time they require it.

Watch this video on Nutraponics:

If you look closely, you’ll be able to see the Grow Ring which encircles the tower and delivers the right amount of light throughout the entire plant’s life cycle. It does so in an energy-efficient manner so you don’t have to worry about it generating too much heat. 

It also keeps track of temperature, water levels, pH levels, nutrient solution quality, and much more. Besides refilling the water, there’s really nothing much for you to do because the machine does it all! 

In case of any concerns or anomalies, Nutraponics will alert you and allow you to fix any matter that needs to be resolved (adding more water, for instance). 

You may notice that the plants are growing 3 times faster than usual, and that there is about 40% greater yields when they are grown with Nutraponics. Also, thanks to its compact size, this indoor garden is not only out of the way but also enhances your home’s design. 

It’s a popular choice for growing various crops, including lettuce, herbs, and strawberries, and is valued for its efficiency and sustainability in modern agriculture. 

Essentially, all you have to do is plant the seeds, establish the desired settings, and patiently wait until it’s time to harvest those healthy, flavorful, and fresh greens.

So, instead of spending your hard earned money on expensive fruits and veggies at the supermarket, consider investing in Nutraponics – this way, you will get to enjoy a fresh harvest in the comfort of your home! 

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