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This Is The Reason Why You Should Avoid Attracting Blue Jays To Your Yard At All Costs

This Is The Reason Why You Should Avoid Attracting Blue Jays To Your Yard At All Costs

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Most of us have birdfeeders in our yards and nothing feels better than seeing cute birds using them. But there’s one bird you shouldn’t be happy seeing in your yard: the blue jay!

Everyone knows about blue jays, and I’m not talking about Toronto’s baseball team. These birds are very common in the US and Canada and their appearance is simply mesmerizing. 

Their black and white stripes look amazing on the shades of blue on their bodies, not to mention their distinctive blue crest! 

But what’s the deal with these avian species and why should you avoid inviting them to your yard? Well, don’t let their appearance fool you! They might be beautiful but their personality is way different. Let’s see exactly what that means!

Blue Jays Are Super Territorial And Will Scare Off Other Birds From Your Yard

Blue jays are known for their aggressive behavior towards other birds. Yes, that’s the main reason why gardeners should not have them in their yard. 

For some people, it’s enough to say that these birds come from the corvid family. For those who aren’t into bird science, it’s probably sufficient to say that blue jays are cousins of notorious crows, magpies, and ravens

All these birds are smart cookies and it’s really hard to deter them once they start feeling comfortable in your yard. 

If you’re not careful enough, they’ll put all other bird species in your outdoor space in danger!

I put a lot of effort into attracting cardinals and other smaller birds, and the last thing I want is a blue jay to deter them!

I saw one description for the personality of blue jays and I think it fits perfectly: selfishness, duplicity, and malice. Yes, these words are harsh but blue jays, to put it mildly, deserve it.

First, their raucous call sounds like a soundtrack from the most terrifying horror movie you’ll ever watch. Believe it or not, they can even mimic the sounds of birds of prey. This is a whole new level of mischief! 

They’ll mimic the cry of broad-winged hawks and easily scare off smaller perching birds. Blue jays are territorial creatures and they’ll act as bullies when they invade your yard.

I’m not sure if I should tell you this, but did you know that blue jays sometimes rob the nests of other bird species and eat their eggs? Fortunately, they don’t do it often, but the very thought of it makes my blood run cold.

Well, scaring off blue jays may be challenging and that’s mainly because of their intelligence. Let’s see what you can do!

Do This To Make Feeders Unattractive To Blue Jays

Learning more about blue jays’ behavior will keep you on the right track. There are a lot of grassy areas with trees here in Florida, so we deal with blue jays pretty often. 

Beeches and oaks are the two tree species these birds love most. If these trees are found in your surrounding area, you’ll most likely see blue jays in your yard.

But there’s one more thing blue jays like: Peanuts! So, the first thing you need to do is avoid putting peanuts in your birdfeeders. Nyjer seeds are a way better choice and the finch species will love them!

Classic pest-proof birdfeeders won’t work for these blue jays. Remember, they’re really smart and they’ll easily crack a code. You’ll need to find special birdfeeders that are resistant to both corvids and squirrels

If you have a large yard and would like to see these birds in your yard, you can create a separate feeding area. Fill the birdfeeders with peanuts and ensure a constant water supply. Blue jays will love it and they’ll stay away from other feathered friends. 

Seeing a blue jay in your yard isn’t a bad thing but seeing a lot of them is. If they’re scaring off other birds, simply use our methods and make your outdoor space unattractive to them!