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Here’s Why Tying An Orange Ribbon Around Your Trees Is Truly A Game-Changing Method

Here’s Why Tying An Orange Ribbon Around Your Trees Is Truly A Game-Changing Method

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Two years ago, I saw my neighbor tying an orange ribbon around his crepe myrtles. I was 100% sure that it wasn’t for decorating purposes but I couldn’t figure out the real reason. 

Look I’m not a nosy person but this was way too weird, so I asked him. And I got the most unexpected answer ever. 

Well, orange ribbon attracts hummingbirds to yards.” Wait, what? I know how important hummingbirds are for our gardens and pollination, but summoning them with ribbon?

Of course, I tied orange ribbons around each and every tree I had in my garden last year. And, shockingly, more hummingbirds came to my yard. 

Further research gave me all the info about this phenomenon. These cute little creatures actually have a keen eye for colors

Believe it or not, they see more hues than humans. The main reason is that they have four types of cones in their tiny eyes; we have only three. The fourth cone is responsible for picking up ultraviolet light. 

Hummingbirds Can’t Resist Orange Ribbons!

These birds are drawn to orange because of its intensity and, when you think about it, it is definitely one of the most noticeable colors

Your goal is to select ribbons with the brightest shade of orange. As soon as a hummingbird spots it, it won’t be able to resist coming down. 

First, take a surveyor’s tape and measure your tree. Then cut off a larger piece of ribbon and tie it around the selected tree. You can use it for all tree types and you don’t have to stop there. 

I took things to a whole new level and even tied ribbons to my porch and plant containers. I might have overdone it, but anything for precious hummingbirds! 

I have plants all over my yard, so I need hummingbirds everywhere for pollination. If you don’t have a large garden, tie the ribbons only near the plants. Unless you enjoy watching these little creatures. 

Hummingbirds also love red hues for the same reason as orange: intensity. You can spice things up by mixing red and orange ribbons. If you have birdfeeders, adorn them with ribbons, and success is guaranteed!

Make Your Yard A Safe Haven For Hummingbirds

Once a hummingbird visits your yard, the story doesn’t end there. You must ensure a safe environment and give them some food and water.

If you install a birdfeeder, hummingbirds won’t have a reason not to come back. Make sure they’re at least 4 feet high because of predators. I also have a few birdbaths and, luckily, various birds use them.

Finally, add as many plants that attract hummingbirds as possible. Brightly colored flowers won’t only attract these birds but also butterflies, so you’ll have a pollinator sanctuary. 

Having hummingbirds in your yard means healthier plants, fewer pest problems, and a mesmerizing overall appearance. Use the help of orange ribbons, brightly colored blossoms, birdfeeders, and birdbaths, and draw these wonderful creatures to your outdoor space!