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Follow This Guide To Creating Ideal Conditions For A Flourishing And Sweet Olive Tree

Follow This Guide To Creating Ideal Conditions For A Flourishing And Sweet Olive Tree

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A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this wonderfully fragrant tree and thought, “I absolutely need one in my garden!” 

So, I went for it, and soon my garden became a fragrant paradise that even my nosy neighbor couldn’t resist sniffing around (literally!). The tree I am talking about? 

The wonderful Sweet olive tree! 

Truth be told, it wasn’t easy to grow at the beginning. I dealt with pest problems and poor soil, but I was determined to grow one. After A LOT of research and some trial and error, I finally figured it out! 

So, here’s what I found out about creating the perfect growing conditions for a sweet olive tree. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

Moisture, Sunlight, And Some Pruning Will Make Your Sweet Olive Tree Happy 

The first thing you should consider when growing sweet olive trees is the location – they prefer the sun to be not too hot or too dim. 

I found a perfect place in my garden where it receives full sunlight (the more the sunlight, the denser the canopy). If you prefer a more airy look, partial shade works too. 

Now, about their soil – it’s got to be well-drained but moist. Think of it like finding the perfect balance (neither too wet nor too dry). 

I didn’t even think about the drainage in the beginning, which is why my sweet olive was not so sweet after all. But once I switched to a good-draining one, it completely transformed!

What also keeps my tree thriving is pruning it in the spring – this way, you get to enjoy a burst of fragrant flowers next year. 

Want to bring that sweet fragrance indoors? You can grow sweet olives in containers, providing them with a cozy environment during chilly winters. And they’ll repay you by sprucing up your space and making it more fragrant than ever! 

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And Now, Enjoy The Sweetness Of The Sweet Olive Tree!

Once you’ve perfected the sweet olive tree’s growing conditions, it’s time to think about the aesthetics. 

I would recommend planting it by your windows so you can catch every waft of its sweet, apricot-like fragrance drifting indoors (it’s a great alternative to those expensive air fresheners).  

For outdoor enjoyment, the patio is perfect – just picture yourself relaxing in your yard, surrounded by blooming sweet olives (and with a drink in your hand, so all the stress is gone – maybe even a dirty martini with your own home grown olives!). 

Plus, these versatile trees can also make your garden look amazing or even work as a nice-smelling hedge for some extra privacy (no more nosy neighbors). 

Besides its delightful appearance and mesmerizing fragrance, this tree even produces delicious fruits, so it’s a win-win-win type of situation! 

I really enjoy my Sweet olive tree. Although the beginning was a bit rocky, I managed to create the perfect environment for it to thrive. And honestly, I love enjoying the fruits of my labor (I hope you get to enjoy them, too!)!

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