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These 10 Potted Trees Can Transform Your Tiny Outdoor Space Into A Mini Forest

These 10 Potted Trees Can Transform Your Tiny Outdoor Space Into A Mini Forest

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Imagine stepping out onto your balcony or patio and being greeted by mesmerizing trees and their vibrant foliage dancing in the sunlight. With potted trees, your imagination can become reality. 

As someone who loves gardening but has limited outdoor space, I’ve found joy in cultivating trees in pots. And guess what? I didn’t realize you could grow such a diverse range of trees in pots. From elegant flowering ornamentals to fruit-bearing kinds, you have it all!

Now, I get to pluck my own apples, even though my garden barely fits me in it (“holiday weight”). I even added some cozy seating to enjoy the fruits of my labor, creating a little oasis right outside my door.

Here’s what else I experimented with, I promise you’ll love it!

1. Spruce Up Your Space With Dwarf Spruce

There’s no green flair in your yard without a good dwarf spruce, I tell you!

You can think of them as the pocket-sized wonders of the tree world, able to bring year-round foliage and structure to any garden, patio, or balcony. 

Plus, they’re so super low-maintenance that even my sister managed to grow them (and she is about as far from being a gardening expert as one can get).

Get your hands on varieties like the dwarf Alberta spruce or the Dwarf blue globe spruce

Just remember, these miniature trees thrive best in spots with plenty of sunshine, so give them some rays! And, when it comes to pots, size matters; therefore, aim for one that’s 18 to 24 inches wide to give those roots room to stretch. 

Oh, and don’t forget the golden rule: good drainage is key, unless you want your spruce to turn into a soggy mess!

2. If You’re Into Japanese Aesthetics, Go For Japanese Maple

As someone who has always admired the elegance of Japanese aesthetics, I wholeheartedly recommend growing Japanese maple.

With colors ranging from fiery red to soft lime green and deep royal purple, these beauties are a must-have for any garden with a touch of Japanese flair. 

Bear in mind that this little leafy wonder needs the right kind of pot. The ideal one is about 18 to 24 inches wide.

Find maples a cozy spot away from the scorching sun. Hence, dappled shade is what you need!

For soil, you should use a mix that’s as light and fluffy as a cloud, with a hint of acidity to keep those leaves looking luscious. 

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3. Bring Mediterranean Vibes To Your Home With Olives

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not bring the Mediterranean indoors? I have just the ticket: the Arbequina olive, a tree that can grow in a pot just like in the ground!  

These cold-hardy, drought-resistant trees are like a little slice of Spain right in your backyard. And the best part? They’re not just for show – they’ll start producing delicious olives in just a few short years. 

With their silvery-green leaves and timeless beauty, they’re the perfect tree for anyone who doesn’t have enough garden space

Just make sure to give them direct sunlight and let their soil dry out a bit between watering. 

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4. Infuse Elegance In Your Ornamental Home With Ornamental Cherries

Every time I stroll through Grandma’s garden and see her Ornamental cherry in full bloom, it simply takes my breath away. Those pink blossoms are just too beautiful! 

With their stunning springtime flowers and compact size, Ornamental cherry varieties are perfect for growing even in the smallest of spaces. 

Please beware that, while these cherry trees can also thrive in containers, they’ll need a bit more room to stretch out their roots. So, when it comes to the pot, the deeper the better! 

Find a place for your Ornamental cherry (either indoors or outdoors) and make sure it gets plenty of sun. Soon, you’ll be rewarded with a show-stopping display!  

5. Impress Your Guests With Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

Want everyone talking about your stylish garden? Well, all you have to do is get yourself a Dwarf hinoki cypress tree. 

This evergreen gem is the perfect blend of beauty and ease. With their slow growth and compact stature, they’re tailor-made for enhancing any tiny garden out there. 

Use them to line a garden path or flank a front door (they look their best when lined up together). 

With some slight changes and minimal maintenance, everyone in the neighborhood will be jealous of your yard! 

Just remember to provide ample sunlight and regular watering to keep them thriving. 

If you’re in a snowy region, such as Washington or Michigan, you’ll have to shield them from road salt to maintain their lush foliage. 

Don’t like this cypress variety? Get the Lemon bonsai cypress instead! 

6. Bay Laurel Is The Perfect Leafy Delight

Here comes my favorite tiny tree: the mesmerizing Bay Laurel! 

This one-of-kind evergreen tree produces fragrant leaves that double as a culinary delight (and your recipes will always have that special touch thanks to these tasty leaves).

But if you don’t care for an indoor herb garden and just want something to make your space even nicer, then put your Bay laurel in a sunny spot and forget about it. 

Plus, their dense flower foliage excel at providing privacy in your yard (you can now destroy weeds without any witnesses).

You’re gonna love the side-benefit of planting Bay Laurel. It’s drought-tolerant and prefers its soil to dry between watering sessions, so relax and don’t fret!

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7. Beware, Citrus Never Disappoints 

From zesty lemons to juicy oranges, citrus trees are a breeze to grow in pots. 

Keep in mind that they’re sun worshipers, so keep them outdoors in warm climates year-round or bring them inside during the frosty months.

Choose wisely when picking out the pot because citrus trees won’t outgrow their container. For a towering tree, opt for a spacious pot (think 8-to-16-gallon) and upgrade to a 20-gallon as they mature.

Picture-perfect and practical, citrus trees elevate any porch or deckthey’re the ultimate entrance enhancer! 

When combined with creeping thyme that produces tiny purple flowers? It’s like heaven on Earth. 

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8. Dwarf Apple Trees Get You The Looks And The Fruits

I’m head over heels for small dwarf apple trees in pots! Just imagine plucking fresh apples from a tree that is only about 5 feet tall (don’t need those ladders anymore!). 

My prized ‘Granny Smith‘ sits smack dab in the kids’ play area, but these beauties can also shine as centerpieces or on sprawling decks.

Since not all dwarf apples are created equally, I would suggest you opt for a variety grafted onto mini-dwarf rootstock (think M.27) with strong disease resistance. Oh, and pot size is important, too: a roomy 20-gallon pot is a must to accommodate those roots.

For tight spots, go vertical with a columnar apple tree like “Scarlet Sentinel”. A tree with almost no branches? Talk about space-saving!

The “Cinderella” crabapple is another winner for zones 4 through 9, soaring up to 8 feet tall.

Put your tiny tree in a place with well-draining soil and full sun exposure. Be sure to know what kind of tree you are working with because some varieties need a buddy for pollination – it’s a fruit party, after all!

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9. Everyone Will Dig The Fig

Fig trees are like the ultimate VIPs of container gardeningthe tighter their roots, the sweeter their fruit! 

Bask them in sunlight and tuck them away in a cozy corner, keeping them safe from winter’s chill. Plus, the beauty of pots is that you can swiftly relocate them to safety when the frost arrives!

Fig trees appreciate a refresh every few years. Give their roots some extra legroom with a repotting session, or simply trim the root ball and swap out the soil for a fresh start.

For pint-sized perfection, look no further than the “Little Miss Figgy” or go classic with the ever-popular “Brown Turkey”. With these babies, it’s figs galore in no time!

10. Embrace Style With Magnolia ‘Stellata’

Behold the star of spring gardens – the magnolia stellata! 

With its delicate star-shaped blooms, it’s like having a stellar performance right in your backyard. 

Don’t be fooled by its elegance; this beauty thrives in a garden border or a spacious container with soil that’s as free-draining as a free spirit. 

Opt for the enchanting “Royal Star” – its late blooming time gives it a frost-resistant edge, perfect for hardiness zones 4 through 9. 

Let your fig tree soak up the gentle sunlight, but don’t forget to shield it from strong winds. I wouldn’t want your magnolia tree blowing away!

With the right care, these trees will thrive and bring joy to your home for years to come. No matter how small, growing them means only beauty – and now you have the perfect recipe!

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