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All The Stars Are Aligned Once You Find The Best Houseplants For Your Zodiac Sign

All The Stars Are Aligned Once You Find The Best Houseplants For Your Zodiac Sign

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If you check your horoscope daily, you’re in for a treat! 

Just as each zodiac sign has its unique quirks and traits, plants also have personalities that can align with our astrological signs.

While it may seem silly to choose a houseplant based on your horoscope, it’s a fun way to add character to your living space. Your zodiac plant won’t predict the future or work miracles, but it can certainly bring some extra charm to your home.

So, why not embrace the cosmic connection and pick a plant that resonates with your sign? You might be surprised by what you learn about yourself in the process! 

1. Aries Should Look For Lucky Bamboo

For all of my independent aries out there, here’s something you can depend on: the Lucky bamboo plant! 

With their sleek and stylish appearance, lucky bamboo plants effortlessly complement your bold personality. These plants perfectly adapt to a dynamic lifestyle, requiring minimal upkeep and tolerating some negligence!  

Lucky bamboo plants also come in different styles and are ideal houseplants for Aries, as they can fit into their busy schedules.

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2. Pisces Need Some Love From Heart-Leaf Philodendrons

All my emotional Pisces need some love from a plant filled with hearts! 

I am talking about Heart-leaf philodendron, otherwise known as the perfect companion for the sensitive and empathetic Piscean souls.

Renowned for its easy-going nature, this philo offers a sense of comfort and peace much needed in Pisces’ emotional rollercoaster world

My fellow water signs, don’t fret! This won’t be another needy plant that you have to constantly look out for – just put it in medium, indirect light, water it every 1-2 weeks, and your philo will be filled with hearts!

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3. Pilea Involucrata Wants To Be Friends With Aquarius

For the eccentric and innovative Aquarius, embracing the ordinary is simply out of the question! 

This Uranus-ruled air sign always seeks out new relationships and friends, which is why Pilea involucrata (aka the friendship plant) is the perfect match for Aquarius! 

With its strikingly textured leaves adorned with intricate veins, Pilea is a true conversation starter (no wonder everyone wants to be friends with this plant). 

This Pilea plant thrives in indirect sunlight and needs just the right amount of water, making it a perfect fit for Aquarians who seek unconventional yet manageable houseplants.

4. Marble Queen Pothos Is For All Royal Taurus Out There

Listen up Taureses: you don’t deserve anything less than the magnificent Marble queen pothos as your houseplant companion!

This is a stunning variety of the classic pothos plant that complements your aesthetics ideally.

With its vibrant green and white marbled leaves, queen pothos bring harmony and peace to your indoor space (exactly what you need after a tough day at work).

Plus, you won’t have to break a sweat taking care of this plant because it is relatively low-maintenance – watering every now and then to keep the soil moist and some indirect lighting is all it takes to keep this queen happy. 

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5. Adventurous Sagittarius Should Go For Snake Plants

All my sagittarius friends are always on the move, which is why I figured out any old high-maintenance plant just isn’t going to work for these free spirits. 

That’s where the resilient and adaptable snake plant comes in!

With its ability to thrive on neglect and withstand changing schedules, snake plants are tailored-made for every Saggitarius out there. 

Seriously, you won’t even have to worry about watering or lighting because these plants can grow without water in almost complete darkness! 

In fact, too much watering can lead to serious problems with these types of plants, which is why you have to beware of these 6 common snake plant care mistakes. 

6. Mysterious Succulents For Mysterious Scorpios 

Okay now, for the most perfect zodiac sign (can’t you tell I’m a scorpio?), anything weak and needy just won’t cut the chase. I figured hardy succulents work best for us scorpios. 

These are mysterious plants that can survive for days or even weeks without water (that’s because they store excess water in their leaves)

They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from dark purple to vibrant green, so all of you fellow water signs can find the one that perfectly matches your vibes and aesthetics. 

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7. Virgos Should Take Good Care Of Fiddle-Leaf Fig   

For meticulous Virgos, known for their attention to detail, the fiddle-leaf fig is like a fun challenge they’re ready to conquer!

Sure, these plants have a bit of a diva reputation, but Virgos are up for the task. 

With a bit of dedication and attention to detail (like regular rotation for even sunlight and occasional pruning), your Fiddle-Leaf Fig will miraculously grow and thrive.  

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8. Cancer And Chinese Money Plant Are Perfect For Each Other

Cancers, ruled by the nurturing Moon, crave houseplants that are as approachable as they are. 

Enter the Chinese money plant, affectionately known as the “pancake plant” for its adorable coin-shaped leaves.

Not only is this plant charming to look at, but it’s also a breeze to care for with the right amount of water and light. 

Cancers will also appreciate its gentle reminder to stay hydrated – just like its leaves droop when it’s thirsty!

Plus, they might even get rich (these plants don’t have the word money in their name for no reason). In fact, it is believed that this plant can attract fortune and prosperity

So cancers, will you try your luck with the Chinese money plant? 

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9. Gemini Need Some Air Plants 

Gemini signs are known for their curiosity and adaptability (you guessed it, these are Mercury-ruled air signs). They thrive with plants that match their dynamic lifestyle, making air plants an ideal fit.

Air plants don’t need soil to grow but do need regular watering and indirect light to flourish. 

Plus, they offer endless display options, perfect for the creative and ever-changing Gemini personality (no offense). 

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10. String Of Pearls Is The Perfect Plant Friend For Libra

Libras, with their balanced and adaptable nature, are drawn to aesthetically pleasing plants that bring harmony to their space (they are ruled by Venus, so it all makes sense now).

The string of pearls plant perfectly suits the social Libra, with its mesmerizing tendrils gracefully falling over the pot or hanging basket. 

Once you get a string of pearls, you might as well multiply it and give it to your friends as these plants are super easy to propagate (that’ll make you popular!). 

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11. Jade Plant Fits Perfectly Into Capricorn’s Busy Schedule

Capricorns, known for their resilience and sophistication, seek to reflect these qualities in their surroundings. 

Despite their slow growth, jade plants are an ideal match for Capricorns, who can patiently wait and not get triggered easily (not me). 

With their simple care requirements (some bright, indirect sunlight and regular watering), jade plants align seamlessly into the disciplined routines of ambitious Capricorns. 

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12. Leo Would Definitely Like The Majestic Monstera Deliciosa

Leos need a statement plant that matches their bold personality (the bigger the better!). Enter the Monstera plant, a beloved favorite known for its strikingly large leaves and commanding presence.

Among the various Monstera varieties, the Deliciosa stands out as a classic choice that effortlessly adds flair to any space (perfect for the fiery Leo’s taste). 

Just remember, this plant thrives in partial sunlight, so keep it away from direct sunlight to make sure it keeps growing and glowing.

I think we should all try to find a green companion that truly resonates with our cosmic energy. Did your plant match your personality traits, or was it completely opposite of what you expected? 

For me, succulents are spot on. I feel like I own a collection of succulents so far, that’s how much I liked their vibe in my living space (and I keep looking for more). 

I guess if you are looking for a new plant, it doesn’t hurt to opt for ones that match your zodiac sign. And who knows, you might even discover something new about yourself in the process!