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5 Best Lime Green Houseplants

5 Best Lime Green Houseplants

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Each year has its trending color and the chances are that lime green will be the number 1 color in 2024. 

Gardeners have always followed trends and this one isn’t an exception. One of the best ways to add this color to your home is by expanding your plant collection and adding lime green plants.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best lime green houseplants and give you some top-notch maintenance tips!

Let’s get started! 

1. ZZ Chameleon

ZZ plants are definitely one of the most common indoor plants and they’re renowned for their low care requirements and extraordinary beauty. 

One of my favorite varieties is the ZZ chameleon with its splendid lime green foliage. The leaves will turn dark green when they mature and that’s how the plant got such a name. 

Even though this ZZ prefers bright indirect light, it will grow fine in low light conditions. It also tolerates lower humidity so it’s pretty easy to find a spot for ZZ chameleons indoors.

This ZZ has a pretty slow growth rate but if you ensure all the conditions, it will reach 6 feet tall and make a perfect floor-standing plant.

If you live in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 12, you can keep your ZZ chameleon outdoors during the summer months.

As an added bonus, you can propagate your ZZ using leaf or stem cuttings, or divide the rhizomes.

2. Lemon Lime Philodendron

Another amazing lime green houseplant is the Lemon lime philodendron. This philo typically doesn’t exceed 2 feet tall, making it perfect for smaller spaces. 

These gorgeous plants perform best in bright indirect light; they can tolerate low light but the growth rate significantly decreases and the color of the leaves isn’t prominent.

The leaves are neon green and wavy, which adds a whimsical touch. The lemon lime philo is super easy to maintain so I highly recommend it to beginner growers.  

3. Neon Pothos

Many gardeners confuse Neon pothos for Lemon lime philodendrons and the main reason is the growth habit and color of the leaves. 

However, the neon pothos features heart-shaped leaves that aren’t as elongated as those of the Lemon lime philo.

This is a climbing evergreen plant and, just like all other types of pothos, it looks fantastic in hanging baskets.

Make sure you plant your neon pothos in a quick-draining soil type and avoid overwatering. It tolerates drought better than other common houseplants but it’s better to be on the safe side and keep the soil moist (not overwatered). 

The colors are most prominent when the plant receives bright but indirect light. The leaves are yellow when juvenile but you’ll notice that as the plant matures, they turn to chartreuse green.

4. Philodendron Golden Crocodile

Here’s one of the most beautiful hybrid philos, the Golden crocodile. What makes this variety so special is the elongated, serrated leaves which aren’t found with standard philodendrons.

The Golden crocodile leaves emerge in orange-pink and gradually turn to lime green as the plant matures. 

These plants, just like their cousins, are native to tropical regions and are used to high humidity conditions. So, for a healthy and happy Golden Crocodile, you should keep moisture levels around the plant higher than average.

If you combine high humidity with free-draining soil and bright indirect light, you’ll get a thriving Golden Crocodile, which is actually your main goal. 

5. Pothos Lemon Meringue

The last lime green houseplant on our list is another type of pothos, the lovely Lemon meringue. This is a variegated species and it has been recently introduced to growers. Well, we have to thank those who bred it because the plant looks simply breathtaking. 

The leaves are deep green and the variegations are lime green, which will definitely make the plant stand out in your apartment. 

Many growers may be scared of these ‘new varieties’ but the Lemon meringue is as easy to maintain as all other pothos plants

However, variegated species typically require more light than their non-variegated counterparts, so I don’t recommend testing low light conditions on your Lemon meringue. 

The other conditions are pretty much the same: fast-draining and porous soil, average to high humidity, and moderate watering

Lime green plants will definitely cheer up your indoor space; simply follow our tips and they’ll thrive and grow healthy for many years to come!