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These Amazing Independent Plants Will Match Your Busy Lifestyle Perfectly 

These Amazing Independent Plants Will Match Your Busy Lifestyle Perfectly 

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How many times have you missed out on an amazing vacation with your friends or had to cancel a business trip because of your plants? You can’t just leave them without water for days or even weeks (been there, done that). I’ve turned down countless trips because of my beloved plants.

Believe it or not, all of that changed in the last month! You’re probably wondering how. Well, these incredible flowers can bloom in your home all on their own.

Let’s take a look at some plants that will thrive while you enjoy your dream holiday! They are truly lifesavers.

#1 The Snake Plant Will Be The Perfect Fit For Your Busy Schedule

Folks, don’t worry, these plants won’t be crawling on the floor! The Snake plant won’t bite, so you’ll be safe.

Credit: Pinterest

It requires minimal care, making it a great choice for beginners. It’s enough to water them every two weeks. It’s a true gem, isn’t it? You can already start planning a mini vacation with your friends without worrying about thirsty plants at home!

I almost forgot to mention its beautiful appearance! The Snake plant has long, green leaves that will perfectly fit your cozy home. 

I placed this plant on a shelf in my room, and I can tell you it has created a gorgeous display of greenery. It really is the ideal plant if you have a busy lifestyle, so give it a try!

#2 Bring Tropical Vibes Into Your Home With A ZZ Plant

These plants are truly fascinating because they can live for a very long time. Yes, you read that right! I’ve had my ZZ plant for over ten years and it’s still thriving without any problems. If you want a flower that will always be with you, then the ZZ plant is an excellent choice!

Credit: Reddit

The ZZ plant will leave you speechless with its appearance every time you look at it. It has wide, dark green leaves that beautifully decorate your home.

As for watering, it’s a bullseye! You’ll only need to water it once every three weeks. These plants are known for their resistance to drought

With the ZZ plant, you can book more than just a few days for a vacation. Instead, you can relax and chill for up to two weeks without worrying about leaving your plant alone at home.

#3 There’s No Need To Call Friends To Babysit Cacti 

If you want hummingbirds and butterflies to fly around your home, then cacti are the ideal choice for you. 

Credit: Reddit

Place them by a window in springtime, and you’ll see these pollinators all the time. They will enjoy the cacti, and you will get the most beautiful visitors.

If you’re wondering when to water cacti, it’s enough to do it once every two weeks. It’s not that difficult, right?

My friendly advice if you have little ones is to place the cacti in a high place where they cannot reach it. Trust me, I learned it the hard way. The interesting look of this plant can attract them, and they might get pricked.

#4 Aloe Vera Will Replace Your Expensive Skin Care Products

Aloe vera is one of the most useful plants I’ve had. Its gel is known for reducing skin irritation. So, if you’ve been burned or bitten by an annoying mosquito, this plant will make it better.

Credit: Pinterest

It’s not a demanding plant, so watering it once a week is enough.

They can be really helpful, not only for you but also for your other flowers. You can make foliar spray from aloe vera to nurture your plants. Isn’t that great?

Now you finally know which plants will fit into your busy schedule. I hope you’ve already started searching for hotels and the perfect place for your vacation.

After all, as a plant parent, you deserve to go somewhere and relax. I’ve already planned my summer adventure, and now it’s your turn!

Good luck!