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If Hydrangeas Can’t Take All The Summer Heat, Twin Ixora Can

If Hydrangeas Can’t Take All The Summer Heat, Twin Ixora Can

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Do you live in an area where summer is unbearably hot? If so, you might have to consider saying goodbye to planting hydrangeas. It’s so unfortunate that these lovely flowers aren’t fans of high temperatures. 

I was so disappointed when I realized that hydrangeas weren’t a perfect fit for my garden. But I didn’t give up! I was constantly searching for a hydrangea alternative. 

One day, as I was passing by a shop window, there it was, a plant that looked exactly like hydrangeas. Meet Ixora, a stunning summer plant that will thrive in your sunny yard without any complications.

When I first saw this amazing plant, I knew it would successfully replace hydrangeas in my yard. These flowers charmed me and became one of my favorite blossoms! 

Let’s take a look at how you can grow and take care of these fascinating plants. You’ll be obsessed with the tropical vibe that Ixora will bring to your garden!

Colorful Garden, Here We Come

The first step will be, of course, planting! So, you’ll need to buy seeds, and there are lots of different colors of Ixora flowers. 

I spent almost the whole day choosing a color, until I finally decided to plant three different ones (silly me)! You can find them in cream yellow, orange, white, and red.

After making this tough decision, check the soil’s PH with a soil test to see if it is acidic, as this is their favorite. Then dig a hole deep enough for the roots and cover it with soil. After that, water it but don’t wet the leaves. The leaves must be dry to prevent fungal infections.

Once you successfully complete this mission, you will be ready for the next step! Let’s go!

Ixora Will Bloom The Happiest In Full Sunlight

Ixoras are tropical flowers, so you need to place them in a sunny part of your garden. They require at least four to six hours of direct sunlight.

Credit: Reddit

If you live in an apartment, there’s nothing to worry about because you can grow them on your balcony. As long as they have light, you won’t have any problems with them.

The only thing that can go wrong for Ixoras is very high temperatures. If it gets too hot, you should provide them with at least a few hours in a partially shaded place. 

That’s it for the sun part. Nothing difficult, though! 

Don’t Let This Flower Get Thirsty

Remember, this plant’s soil should never be dry. Since they’ll be in the sun a lot, make sure to water them every day, especially in the spring and summer. In winter, you can do it every week.

Credit: Reddit

This plant likes moist soil, but be careful not to overdo it. Just water the top part of the soil so it stays moist. The only mistake you can make is letting your plant sit in water, which can cause problems with their roots.

Give Your Ixora A Nice Haircut For More Blooms

Pruning is a great way to increase blooms on your plants. One excellent trick for getting more Ixora flowers is to cut one branch wherever you see three at a joint. This will allow even more light to reach your flowers and help them grow better.

Credit: Pinterest

You can prune whenever you feel it’s necessary, just don’t do it too often! If you see a few wilted leaves, you can cut them off or use the pruning trick I mentioned as needed.

Now you can rest assured knowing that you can replace hydrangeas with even better flowers. Trust me, you’ll have a real blast in your garden with Ixoras all season long!

Since I planted them, I’ve enjoyed a colorful display every day thanks to these good-looking plants. All that’s left to say is get ready for a wild summer adventure!