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Let’s Find Out The Perfect Time Of Year To Spray Your Delicious Fruit Trees

Let’s Find Out The Perfect Time Of Year To Spray Your Delicious Fruit Trees

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The worst thing that can happen when you pick fresh fruit is seeing a tiny worm smiling at you after the first bite!

If you want to get rid of these annoying crawlers for good, then you’ll have to take matters into your own hands! It’s not too difficult, though!

Before grabbing your gloves and a hat (because summer days are coming and you don’t want to get sunburned), make sure you know exactly when you should spray your fruit trees!

#1 Early Spring Is Your Go Time

There is no more ideal time to do this than in the early spring, that’s for sure.

I do it immediately when I see that the frost has passed and my garden is welcoming the sun! This proved to be the best choice, so I recommend refreshing your tree before the flowers start to bloom. Here’s how you’re gonna do that!

Apply the spray before the plant begins flowering to make sure the fruits stay healthy through to harvest.

After all the beautiful flowers fall, it’s time for the second round of spraying! This will prevent crawlers from eating the delicious fruits. You can do it again in the summer to keep the fruit as healthy as possible. 

Then you can relax until winter. During the tree’s dormant period, perform the final spraying, this time using horticultural oil. While using oils, you can get rid of the pests that are on the bark of the tree and destroy their larvae. By doing this, your trees will be safe until next season! 

#2 Be Careful When Using Insecticides, Though 

Annoying pests are just waiting for the perfect time to get some delicious food! That’s why it’s important to outsmart them with the checkmate move!

You must not spray the trees while the flowers are open because bees won’t buzz around that area. When you spray, be sure to cover the entire surface of the branches and the undersides of the leaves. If you go with this method, then you’re making a good choice!

As well as trees, worms can also cause damage to the garden soil! That’s why it’s important to take these bad guys down and remove them from your yard as soon as possible!

#3 Check Out This Other Great Method That You Can Use

Here’s how you can help your trees besides spraying them! If your fruit falls on the ground, it can only mean one thing – it’s lunch time for worms! You should watch your trees daily and take away fruits that have fallen.

By doing so, you will prevent crawlers from getting their delicious treat! It’s simple, yet very effective!

That’s all, folks. You’re now officially ready to take on this brand new adventure and save your trees. Excited to preserve your green treasure? Great, then spray away!