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See How Long It Will Take For These 3 Types Of Apple Trees To Start Producing Tasty Fruits

See How Long It Will Take For These 3 Types Of Apple Trees To Start Producing Tasty Fruits

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Making apple pie, drinking the most delicious, natural juice, or even producing your very own tasty, homemade jam? I mean, who wouldn’t want apples in their garden!?

Don’t even let other inexperienced gardeners discourage you with their, “Oh, but apples take forever to grow” mentality!

Not that they need someone to gossip or share their wisdom with, but other plants might enjoy having some company – and apples are just perfect in that regard. Plus, you can choose between these three varieties, which are all stunning! 

This is how long it will take for your juicy fruits to grow!

#1 Dwarf Apples Will Only Take A Few Years To Grow In Your Garden

There are many different varieties of apples, but I know that you will like this one the most!

Now is the time to meet your future roommates in the garden! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Bonza, Jonagold, WineCrisp, and Sheep’s nose! Dwarf apples will need two to four years to fully grow after planting. That doesn’t sound so scary, right?

Their little trees won’t take up too much space in your garden. You can also grow them on your terrace if you live in an apartment! 

Imagine how healthy your mornings will start! You get up, go to the balcony, pick a few fruits, and, voila, you have the sweetest candy ever! When it’s harvest time, you will be able to proudly share your tiny red apples with your friends!

#2 Semi-Dwarf Trees Won’t Take Forever To Produce Tasty Fruits 

Are you curious about the difference between semi-dwarf and dwarf apple trees? Well, these guys differ in height. 

Semi-dwarfs are slightly larger than small dwarfs. If you’re looking for a mini version of the tree, go for dwarf trees, as they typically grow eight to ten feet tall. Meanwhile, the larger boys can reach fifteen feet in height!

Semi-dwarf trees will take about five years to grow, after which you will see delicious fruits turning red. Here are some popular varieties: Pink lady, Royal gala, Fuji, and Grimes golden. 

There’s no need for a ladder to climb on this tree, because you will be able to maintain and harvest it very easily! These trees are much smaller than the standard ones, so even if you have a small garden, you will be able to plant them. 

#3 Standard-Sized Trees Might Take The Longest Time To Grow

This tough boy will definitely occupy most of your garden. 

Standard-sized trees will take about six years to grow. I know that it seems very scary now, but trust me, the time will pass quickly! Especially after you see your tree grow bigger and bigger every year. 

Do you want to know what varieties grow on fully-sized trees? Here they are, the famous Rhode Island Greening, Gravenstein, and Sierra beauty. They all have a really unique, sour-sweet taste.

The best thing about having standard-sized apples in your garden is the fact that you will almost never run out of them! You can share them with friends and neighbors and still have plenty left for yourself! Is that a great way to work on those relationships, or what?

Since there will be so many of them, it is important that you sort the apples in the right way. Arrange them and enjoy your apples all winter long!

It Is Important To Take Care Of Your Trees For Faster Growth

Want to know a little secret for faster growth? That’s what I thought! 

All you need to do is take good care of your trees and protect them from pests such as scales, mites, and maggots. Water them regularly and allow them sun, which is essential for the growth of apples.

You can add fertilizer to prepare it for the cold winter! Keep nurturing until it’s time for the harvest you’ve been eagerly awaiting! It’s nothing too difficult, though!

I hope you have already made room in your garden or prepared your terrace for a guest! When your tree slowly starts to grow, you can take pictures of it every year and track the progress. 

You will be surprised at how quickly the time will pass, and at the end you will have baskets full of healthy fruit! Don’t forget to save the recipes for your fave cakes! You’ll be making them all winter!