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These 4 Types Of Juicy Tomatoes Will Be A Perfect Match For Your Pots

These 4 Types Of Juicy Tomatoes Will Be A Perfect Match For Your Pots

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I know you can’t wait to plant tomatoes this season. They’re an all-time favorite! There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy this delicious fruit.

Tomatoes are typically grown in gardens or greenhouses because they require a lot of space. If for some reason you don’t have a large yard, or you live in an apartment, don’t be disappointed because you can still grow juicy tomatoes!

The best option would be using pots, and these types of tomatoes will fit perfectly into planters! Trust me, you will become obsessed with these tasty varieties.

#1 Make A Yummy Salsa Dip With Supremo Roma

You can make a delicious homemade dip for crispy fries with Supremo Roma tomatoes! 

Credit: Pinterest

Did you know that you can freeze your tomatoes? If your harvest is successful, you can always pack a few of them and leave them in the freezer. Then you can surprise your loved ones when winter comes and make a delicious dish with your frozen tomatoes! 

Thsi species will fit perfectly into your pots. If you have a sunny terrace, that’s even better! Supremo is a really tough plant and resistant to hot summer days. Let them enjoy the sun because they need it for a bigger harvest and better growth!

#2 Glacier Will Quickly Find A Place In Your Kitchen

If you are impatient and can’t wait to bring fresh fruit into your kitchen, then choose Glacier, a tomato that will quickly give you incredible fruits.

Credit: Pinterest

You know what else is great about this species? Glaciers perfectly tolerate low spring temperatures, but, of course, they also require the sun. Without sunlight, there will be no fruit! 

In my personal opinion, this is one of the tastiest tomatoes I’ve tried. It’s so soft and full of sweet flavor!

#3 Welcome Purple Zebra, Your Proud Award-Winning Variety

Did you know that this variety is an All-America Selection Award winner? Purple Zebra is a tomato that likes to brag because it won the prize! 

It will definitely stand out in your garden because of its wonderful purple color. When I first heard about this type a few years ago, I couldn’t believe that tomatoes could be a different color! They are truly special!

Credit: Pinterest

It’s resistant to many diseases, such as late blight, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick. These delicious fruits grow well in pots and require a lot of sun! You can also plant them in the garden, where they will have enough light to produce juicy fruits!

#4 You’ll Be Surprised By How Much Delicious Fruit Tiny Tim Can Produce

Don’t be surprised when you see how much this tiny plant can produce! Despite their small size, Tiny Tim will surprise you with gorgeous red fruits!

These guys will fit perfectly into your pots because they are usually tiny. Place them in a sunny spot and you will get a nice harvest of sweet fruits.

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You can make delicious salads with these tomatoes! Pick them fresh and use the fruits immediately in your favorite recipes. Their sweet taste on summer days will surely refresh you! Isn’t that great? 

Make your pots shine in the garden or even on the balcony and get them ready for planting these fantastic varieties. 

With a little effort, you’ll definitely enjoy the best scent of fresh tomatoes filling your kitchen! And, for us green thumbs, it truly doesn’t get any better than that! 

Good luck!