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Stop Neighbors From Peeking At Your Garden With These 4 Tall Trees That Provide Privacy

Stop Neighbors From Peeking At Your Garden With These 4 Tall Trees That Provide Privacy

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If you want to decorate your fence with something cozy and beneficial for both you and the environment, then adding trees is the perfect choice! 

Not only will you have the most beautiful display of greenery in the neighborhood, but you’ll also enjoy privacy from curious looks into your garden!

These are the top picks guaranteed to make your garden an oasis of peace and tranquility!

#1 With Autumn Blaze Maple, Your Fence Will Have A Fantastic Fiery Color During The Fall

You definitely won’t go wrong with the Autumn Blaze Tree! Not only will it fit perfectly with your fence, but it will also provide you with real shade during hot summer days. Cool, right? 

Plus, it can be great for plants that can’t stand the sun! You will be a real maestro and solve two problems at once!  

This tree will leave you amazed by its incredible colors, especially in autumn, when it glows up! Then it gets a glorious red cover. If you’re a fan of red, it’s a hit! 

Credit: Pinterest

Reaching heights of up to 50 feet, this one is truly the fastest growing, so you can expect it to grow two feet every year! Their height definitely makes them excellent candidates for privacy protection!

#2 Bring A Mediterranean Vibe To Your Garden With The Help Of Italian Cypress

Italian cypress is one of my favorites and blends perfectly with fences! I’ve had it in my garden for years, and I can tell you that its green color fits perfectly with my wooden fence. 

Credit: Pinterest

I know you are most interested in how much it can grow! This cypress can be as tall as 60 feet. These trees look slim, and if you don’t have a large garden, then it is a perfect match for you.

You might not know this, but you could be sitting on a couch made of Italian cypress while reading this! This wood is used to make furniture because it is resistant to rotting.

#3 American Arborvitae Will Protect Your Yard From The Strongest Storms

Are strong winds reported in your area? Don’t worry, because the American Arborvitae will protect you and your garden! If you have to go outside urgently, don’t fret about being blown away by the wind. 

With a height of 40 feet, it will definitely protect you from the curious eyes of your neighbors. You don’t need to worry about that when you have these tough boys standing guard!

During winter, this tree provides excellent shelter for small animals. Don’t be surprised if you find a rabbit or even a deer nearby! 

Having a real animal kingdom in the garden is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

#4 Little Singers Will Fall In Love With Your Cornus Florida  

This beauty also goes great with your fence, because it can grow 40 feet! Cornus florida will give your garden a beautiful summer look with their white and pink flowers! 

Credit: Pinterest

If you plant these trees next to each other, the neighbors will only be able to see the pink flowers, but not you (you’ll even give them a great view)! 

With the help of this amazing tree, you will also have the opportunity to listen to the latest hits of mockingbirds, blue jays, and other flying friends! Your garden will look like a real fairy tale! 

Now you have the chance to plant trees that will really be of great help! Whichever one you choose from this list will succeed in the task of preserving your privacy.

Believe me, there is no better feeling than getting up early and drinking coffee in the garden while looking at your beautiful trees, knowing that your peace is guaranteed.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.