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These 4 Reasons Will Definitely Make You Reconsider Planting A Butterfly Bush

These 4 Reasons Will Definitely Make You Reconsider Planting A Butterfly Bush

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Buddleia, also known as the butterfly bush, is one of the most beautiful flowers you will ever see. 

Its purple flowers remind me of lilacs, and the scent will really leave you breathless! But this flower has many disadvantages that can be harmful to your garden as well as the ecosystem! 

I must admit, I was quite sad when I learned this news, but I sure wasn’t ready to put all of my other plants in jeopardy. If you haven’t already, this is why you should reconsider planting this flower in the future.

#1 Buddleia Will Spread At The Speed ​​Of Light And Harm Your Ecosystem

Did you know that just one buddleia flower can produce 40,000 seeds? It’s fascinating, isn’t it? 

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With the help of the wind, this sneaky boy can easily reach the neighbor’s garden and even spread throughout the city. Their rapid growth isn’t good for the ecosystem. Are you wondering why? 

Buddleias will harm other plants and won’t give them enough space to shine! Consequently, pollinators will not have the opportunity to taste nectar from other flowers. This disrupts their migration. 

If you want to give other blossoms a chance and improve the fauna and flora, then avoid planting this purple bush at all costs!

#2 Be Careful Because This Bush’s Strong Roots Can Push Through Your Wall

Yes, you read that right! 

You wouldn’t believe your eyes if you saw the roots of these bushes crawling through your garden fence. Unfortunately, that can actually happen because their roots are so strong that they can push through bricks and walls

This can cause real damage that will cost you a fortune! You don’t want to end up spending extra money for the repairs, do you?

Despite their innocent look, it is still better to avoid growing them in the garden. You don’t want to risk the fence collapsing and causing injuries!

#3 It Is Ironic How The Butterfly Bush Can Harm These Colorful Visitors 

This is the biggest irony you’ll hear, because their other name is Butterfly Bush. If you enjoy butterflies, then planting this flower is not the best idea.

Credit: Pinterest

How can this bush harm your little friends? It will have a negative impact on their population and health. While buddleia may provide benefits for adult butterflies, they are by no means friendly to larvae. 

Unfortunately, tiny larvae can’t find nourishment in these purple flowers. The insufficient amount of food can affect their survival. It is far better to enjoy the dance of butterflies every day than to have your garden overrun with Buddleia!

#4 Buddleia Will Attract Annoying Mosquitoes, Causing You A Real Nightmare

Having a buddleia can really be a massive downer, because no one can stand mosquitoes

They love this bush, and when they get to your garden, mosquitos will fall in love with you too. You definitely don’t need that kind of attention! 

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Before dawn, you won’t be able to go outside and enjoy your coffee because you will be full of bites. Your whole night will be ruined because you won’t stop scratching!       

You’d better think twice the next time you consider adding butterfly bushes to your garden! I must admit that buddleia is a really charming plant, but it’s more important that you keep your environment healthy!

Don’t forget about your other baby flowers that need good care and enough space for growth. 

Be strong, and don’t fall into their trap!