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These 4 Simple Tips Will Make Growing Homemade Asparagus In Pots Possible

These 4 Simple Tips Will Make Growing Homemade Asparagus In Pots Possible

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With spring coming to an end, we all want to get in shape for the summer! Guess what? Asparagus is here to help you! This plant is perfect for preparing healthy and tasty dishes.

If you think that you can’t plant it in pots, you’re wrong. You can even plant this guy in an apartment or house if you don’t have a garden.

All you need to bear in mind are these 3 simple things.

#1 This Guy Will Start Growing Like Crazy, So You’ll Need A Larger Pot

Yes, you read that right! 

The size of the container is an important choice for proper asparagus cultivation. Its roots can spread quickly, and that’s why it’s important to provide them with enough space for healthy growth!

Choose pots as large as possible, because you will have to plant the roots deep in the ground. They are great because you will have a lot of fruits, so you can share them with your friends! Isn’t that great?

As a plant-mix enthusiast, you can even grow asparagus next to other plants, such as tomatoes, basil, carrots, and strawberries!

#2 Make A Fresh Cocktail From High-Quality Soil

This is one of the processes for planting asparagus in pots.

Asparagus requires fertile soil and plenty of nutrients. So, get ready to play the role of barista and prepare a mix that will bring you the best harvest! 

You can use compost and, if you have recently mowed, grass as well. This is a great way to provide them with the essential nutrients that are key for their growth! Provide your asparagus a fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus!

It’s always good to use clay as it will help you retain moisture. Make sure that your asparagus doesn’t go hungry and that you prepare everything it needs.

#3 Don’t Forget To Water Your Green Friend

Asparagus loves the sun, so they need a cold drink during hot days to prevent them from drying out. That’s something you definitely don’t want.

To plant asparagus, place some gravel then fill the pot with the rest of the compost and fertilizer mixture. Plant the asparagus 4 to 6 inches deep in the soil.

It is enough to water them once a week and, if you are a morning person, it would be best to do it at dawn. Incorrect watering can lead to slow growth, and you don’t want that at all!

I don’t know if you knew this, but rainwater is the best for asparagus. I was shocked too! When I heard about this, every time it rained I would walk around with a bowl in my hands to collect the water for my plants. It may look odd, but at least your fruits will be healthy.

#4 When It Will Be Time To Harvest?

This part may be tricky, but it will definitely be worth it in the future. In order to harvest your homemade asparagus, you’ll have to wait at least one year.

That’s why, if you plant them now, the next spring you’ll have freshly picked asparagus! 

Wondering why it takes a year or two to grow? Asparagus first use all their energy to develop the root system. They need a year just for that! Afterwards, it will produce tiny fruits.

A year will pass quickly and you will be able to enjoy the small green fruits in no time!

Once you have finished harvesting, it is best to use them immediately, fresh from the garden.

Prepare a notebook with recipes and make your favorite dish with asparagus! Invite your friends and enjoy this delicious veggie together!