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Add Stunning Summer Crush Hydrangeas To Your Garden And Give It A Complete Makeover

Add Stunning Summer Crush Hydrangeas To Your Garden And Give It A Complete Makeover

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Summer is almost here, and for me that only means one thing – grabbing my gardening equipment and getting to work! I mean, is there anything more beautiful than freshly mowed grass and the sound of chirping birds?

I wondered which plant would be ideal to complete my garden and fit into the summer vibe. That’s when I decided to visit the store in search of seeds. And there it was, the last package on the shelf, shining like something out of a cartoon! 

Drum roll, please! 

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the Summer Crush Hydrangea! This is the perfect flower to redesign your garden because its color will leave everyone speechless.

Here’s How Hydrangeas Can Become Part Of Your Garden

Are you ready? 

I hope you are, because it’s time to plant! 

  • Dig a hole and be sure to add fertilizer. This will ensure healthy fruit growth! You can plant them in a container or in the garden, wherever you think they will fit best. 
  • This beauty loves the sun but is also a bit sensitive. It’s best if your garden gets plenty of sunshine in the morning, with less light in the afternoon. If your yard lacks shade, you’ll need to provide a parasol for this young lady. 

No joke, you can use this as an idea if you don’t have a little shade for the plant. When you plant it, make sure the soil is moist and rich in mulch

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  • Water is very important for them, so make sure to give them a cold and refreshing drink at least once a week!

During hot summer days, you need to water the plant more often because the soil must not be dry. You don’t want to see withered pink leaves on the grass, do you? Neither do I! 

There’s an interesting fun fact that I recently heard: if you drive a nail into the roots of a Hydrangea, the flowers will turn blue. Is this a legend or a myth? Probably! 

But it sounds interesting, so you can try it, and maybe I will, too. It wouldn’t be bad to add some more color, right? If you want to add more flowers and you don’t know which ones would go best with this diva, here you can some find fantastic plants that are the best companions for hydrangeas.

Paint Your Garden In A Cute Pink Color

In a month you will have a yard full of pink flowers. These flowers, apart from being a great decoration for your garden, will add a vintage and retro vibe to it.

Guys, you should also paint your garden pink. Just imagine how you will amaze your girls with a bouquet of these beautiful flowers, you will knock her off her feet.

Credit: Pinterest

With just a little care, they will bloom all summer long. Whatever photos you take, pose next to your star, and the likes will go crazy!

Beware Of Insects, Though

Like other plants, hydrangeas can have enemies too! Since I started gardening, I’ve had a huge problem with insects. They always seem to attack my plants.

Hydrangeas are most often attacked by aphids, caterpillars, and spider mites. The juices from the plant are their sweetest treat. I got rid of them with the help of insecticidal soap.

If you live outside the city, where deer are part of the landscape, you need to watch out for them, too. While hydrangeas may not be their favorite dish in the world, there are cases where some will nibble on these flowers. So, beware of that cute bambi!

Don’t miss out on having the most beautiful view in the entire neighborhood. Get hydrangea seeds as soon as possible and start your garden makeover, as summer’s already here! You’ll enjoy the entire season while admiring your pink besties!  

And, when the job is finally done, don’t forget to treat yourself to a cold lemonade!