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If You Want To Grow A Delicious Spice, Don’t Throw That Piece Of Ginger Away! 

If You Want To Grow A Delicious Spice, Don’t Throw That Piece Of Ginger Away! 

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Would you like to grow one of the healthiest spices?

Now you are probably wondering, which one is it? Are you familiar with the plant named Ginger?

I know that many people love this delicious root. If you are sick, the first thing you should do is make ginger tea. After just one cup, colds and flu will be gone in the blink of an eye! It also goes very well with many dishes because it has a unique and delicious taste. 

You can grow it, believe it or not, from a store bought one. If you have some left over, don’t throw it away, save that piece and plant it!

Growing Ginger Is A Piece Of Cake 

This plant is excellent for beginners. If you had any doubts before, it’s time you put ginger on your shopping list! The only question is, when should you plant it?

Early spring is definitely the best time. Wait for the first frost to pass and then get started! They will need around five hours of direct sunlight, so make sure to put them on a window or in your garden!

Do you still want to plant it during the winter? No problem, you can actually do it indoors too!

There are so many tips and tricks on how you can grow ginger anywhere and anytime!

Now the interesting part! Are you ready? Cut the ginger into 1-inch pieces. Each piece must have at least one ‘eye’! The eyes are actually small protrusions on the surface of the rhizome.

Then you can take a vase or container and fill it with organic potting mix. You can also make your own homemade compost and put it in with the mix. 

Credit: Pinterest

Place the ginger evenly in the container and remember that the ‘eyes’ should be facing you. The only thing left is to cover them with soil and water them well

As I said, nothing difficult, right?

You Need To Be Patient When It Comes To Harvesting

As with any plant, patience is the most important thing. You can’t really expect your veggies or herbs to grow in a month (that’s mission impossible)! 

They need time, but there is no need for stress. The good thing is that ginger doesn’t require years to grow.

These guys will be fully grown and ready to harvest in eight to ten months! That’s definitely good news!

Credit: Pinterest

It is interesting how ginger looks like bamboo as it emerges from the ground, with its long greenish stem that can grow up to several meters! After that, you will notice the stems starting to turn yellow, which indicates that they will soon be ready for picking.

All that’s left is to dig up the roots, wash them, and quickly take them to the kitchen! 

I know you can’t wait to have your own homemade ginger in the kitchen. Or, if you like a sour and spicy taste, you can even make pickled ginger. Believe me, this is the best thing I’ve tried to make! 

Do you like sweeter flavors? Then make tea with ginger and honey! You will no longer want to throw away ginger because you will be able to grow a real empire with just a tiny piece!