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If You Are Tired Of Your Old-Looking Front Porch, Decorate It With Lovely Perennials

If You Are Tired Of Your Old-Looking Front Porch, Decorate It With Lovely Perennials

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If your front porch looks minimalistic, doesn’t have much decoration, and you want to make it more interesting, Perennials are here to help you! 

I was tired of the same look I had every single day when I came home from work. There was nothing but old leaves, and that’s why I decided to make this change! 

After I planted a few flowers, everything immediately got better. I would come home happy because my perennials welcomed me! 

These are blossoms that live for more than two years and you will be able to enjoy them all summer long! With these cuties, your whole yard will look fabulous and leave you breathless every time you go outside!

Just make sure to do one of these two simple things!

#1 Place Sun-Lovers In A Hanging Basket And Enjoy The View

If your front porch is uncovered and receives a lot of light, then these sun lovers are a great option for you!

Dianthus, lavender, sedum, and phlox are excellent choices if you want to add a colorful look. Don’t forget about their scents, because these beauties smell amazingly good

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Using hanging baskets is always a nice choice, especially when you’re not sure where to plant them. They will do real magic, trust me! There are different types and they can be decorated, which will be even better for the aesthetic look you want to achieve. 

I even found knitted ones and I can tell you that they are a level above! You can find them in many colors. I personally love the pastel ones! I get that cozy vibe, and that’s why I always drink my favorite coffee right on the stairs next to my perennials!

So, hurry up! Buy hanging baskets and give your porch a look that makes all of your neighbors jealous!

#2 Decorate Your Shady Porch With Containers Or Small Vases

Now, those of you who have a shady porch, don’t worry, because containers and vases will save your day! Ferns, primroses, collar bells, and anemones are perfect for growing in the shade. 

These colorful beauties will attract all eyes to your porch! You can place them next to the front door and let them be the main stars. 

If you have a little hiding place where you like to sit alone and relax, it would be a great idea to put the containers right there! 

Credit: Pinterest

You will find so many types of containers and vases. Maybe you could even buy white ones and draw something on them or decorate them in your own way. Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look perfect!

Did you know that perennials don’t just have to be friends for your porch, you can also plant them in the garden! Just make sure to avoid these basic planting mistakes

See, you can still dress up your porch and make it look great! Perennials are really great plants for decorating not only the front yard, but also the entire garden! 

The next time you want a new change, run to the store and buy hanging baskets or containers to make your space the most beautiful in the whole neighborhood! 

Everyone will love spending time on your porch and it will be a real attraction.