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Find Out If Growing Tomatoes In The Shade Is A Huge Mistake, Or An Excellent Choice

Find Out If Growing Tomatoes In The Shade Is A Huge Mistake, Or An Excellent Choice

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Are you planning to welcome this summer with delicious fresh tomatoes? 

There is no better refreshment on hot days! If you want to plant red fruits this season, that’s great news! When I first started growing tomatoes, I didn’t really have any idea how to do it because I had heard so many different stories about them. 

I was so confused, but after a few failures I finally uncovered the mystery.

Not only will you find out where they will succeed best, but you’ll also learn the right place for them, too! 

Let’s Break The Dilemma

Sun or shade? 

I know it’s getting very tense, that’s why it is time for an answer – and it’s the sun, ta-da! Are you surprised? Tomatoes are literally in love with the sun, and they need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive. It’s true love!

The morning sun is best for your green buddies because it initiates photosynthesis, which can only mean more fruits. 

It’s simple gardening math – more light means more flowers. Just be sure to plant them in a place where they can enjoy the summer days.

Now that you know what’s best for your little babies, it’s time to find out what can happen if they don’t get enough light. 

If your plant is in the shade, it will try to reach the sun and use up all its energy. Do you know what happens then? No energy, no flowers! And no flowers means no delicious fruits

Even if by some magic they succeed in low light, you will be able to see the flowers but they will be weak and the growth will stop. 

Do you know where the weakness of tomatoes leads? To pests! Aphids are just lurking around the corner waiting for this to happen so they can attack the poor plant. I know you definitely don’t want this!

If You Don’t Have Enough Light In Your Garden, You Can Plant This Delicious Species

Just because your garden isn’t sunbathed, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up. In fact, there are some amazing species that you can grow. Yes, you read that right! Let’s see what exactly you can plant.

First on the list is Cherry Tomatoes. Are there really people who do not like this delicious plant? 

I use it in dishes every day, and they are really special! These little friends will be your besties, and will grow even if they don’t have enough sun. 

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Now please welcome the Siberian tomato! This plant is full of vitamins and is very healthy. If you want to be safe and sound, definitely plant it. They also produce small fruits similar to the previous type. It’s a great addition to everything!

I can already see you making sauces from these tomatoes. Homemade is best, right?

Whether your harvest ends with the largest tomato ever or tiny cherries, you should be proud of yourself! I’m rooting for you, no matter if you have a garden that’s in the shade or that has too much light.