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This Is The Best Christmas Cactus Potting Mix! 

This Is The Best Christmas Cactus Potting Mix! 

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The star of the holiday season is definitely a Christmas cactus in all its glory! 

To have a thriving and neat-looking Christmas cactus, it’s crucial to figure out what soil to provide for it. Although they are known for their low-maintenance, it’s always better to be picky when it comes to potting soil because it affects plant health the most. 

Proper drainage and nutrient availability will save you a lot of trouble, including overwatering, which Christmas cacti are known to suffer from. 

In this article, we are going to give you a quick answer on which potting mix you should use and also provide you with detailed instructions on how to make one. 

Let’s make sure your Christmas cactus thrives all year long! 

Quick Tip

If you are in a hurry, here’s a quick tip for a great Christmas cactus potting mix!

You should get a premade succulent mix or make a well-draining one on your own. Proper drainage is crucial when it comes to growing a Christmas cactus. Remember, Christmas cacti are succulents and need to be treated accordingly. 

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Detailed Instructions

Now, we will go into more details to figure out what is the best potting mix for your cactus. 

Christmas cacti are epiphytes, so using regular potting soil is not recommended here. The drainage is poor + they have many unnecessary nutrients that could smother these succulent plants. 

So, you can either invest in a high-quality succulent mix or try and make one on your own. 

Let’s see how to do it properly!

Use Good Succulent Mix

You will probably find a wide variety of succulent mixes at your local garden center. These can be quite useful if you are short on time, but some tend to be very fine in texture. However, they can still be used for this holiday plant. 

Succulent Mix Components

Let’s see what makes succulent mix so special!

Sand – coarse sand should be used since they have larger granules, which is very good for drainage. It can’t retain a lot of moisture, which is great for keeping the roots nice and healthy. 

Potting soil – investing in a high-quality potting soil is good because they contain organic materials that can be beneficial for your plant. You will combine it with other ingredients. 

Perlite – Made of expanded volcanic glass, small perlite particles help with drainage as well. Wear a mask when dealing with perlite as it tends to get dusty. 

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How To Make Your Own Mix 

Don’t worry, making your own succulent mix is relatively easy. You can find all the ingredients online or at your garden center. 

Use two to three parts potting soil, one part perlite, and two parts coarse sand. Other options for additives include peat, gravel, and compost. 

You can use two parts potting soil and three parts sand to achieve a coarser texture. You are in complete control here!

Start by choosing a size-appropriate container – a five-gallon bucket is mostly used. Combine all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Add more sand or soil if needed, and keep on mixing until you’ve reached the ideal consistency. 

Remember to use a container with drainage holes and water your Christmas cactus carefully! 
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