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Cosmos Flower Meaning: What Makes This Flower So Special?

Cosmos Flower Meaning: What Makes This Flower So Special?

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Although flowers generally attract growers because of their appearance, their meaning and symbolism can also be the reason.

One such flower is the breathtaking cosmos flower. Everything started in the 16th century when Spanish explorers rediscovered this flower and were enchanted by its exceptional beauty, so they decided to bring it back to Spain.

Over the years, the flower became a part of many cultures and religions, making it one of the most popular flowers of all time.

The cosmos flower meaning is very interesting, and we’ll discuss it further in this article, particularly the symbolism of this flower in different world cultures and religions. I’ll also tell you more about color meanings and cosmos flower tattoos.

Let’s get started!

Cosmos Flower Meaning In Different Cultures

Although this flower is native to Mexico, the word cosmos is actually derived from the Greek word, kosmos, which refers to order and adornment.

This unique flower belongs to the Compositae genus of the Asteraceae family, just like daisies, sunflowers, and asters.

History Of Cosmos Flower

I mentioned that Spanish explorers reintroduced this flower in the 16th century. They arrived in England in the latter half of the 18th century.

South Africa met the flower during the Second Boer War, and it became common in American gardens in the 19th century.

The flowers were commonly cultivated by Spanish priests, who also named them cosmos because they were so mesmerized by the beautiful, systematic arrangement of the flower petals.

The most widely used variety of cosmos flowers is Cosmos bipinnatus, and you’ll often see Cosmos sulphureus as part of many ornamental gardens.

This flower was one of the primary sources of yellow dye throughout Central and South America.

Cultural Significance Of The Cosmos Flower

We’ll now learn the meaning and flower symbolism in different cultures.


Flowers play a significant role in Mexican culture. For Mexicans, the cosmos flower is closely connected to gods and spirits.

Although you can find all cosmo flower varieties in Mexico, the most prevalent ones are chocolate cosmos, which are associated with perfect harmony, wholeness, and order.


In Japanese culture, females approaching adolescence are frequently given a cosmos flower. This beautiful flower represents innocence and purity in Japan.


Although some think the cosmos flower has something to do with Greek mythology, that’s not actually true.

The word does come from Greek, but there’s no connection to the mythology.

However, this flower has cultural significance; it represents harmony with nature.


The cosmos flower doesn’t have a special meaning in Brazilian culture, but has many different uses. It is praised due to its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for malaria treatment.

This flower is also used for treating diabetes. Additionally, quercetin is found in the flowers, so many use it for skin problems.


The beautiful cosmos flower also has traditional value in Chinese culture. It’s considered to represent love, beauty, innocence, and purity,

Many Chinese people give cosmos flowers as gifts to convey these emotions.

The Meaning Of Cosmos Flowers In Different Religions

The breathtaking cosmos flower hasn’t gone unnoticed by religious people, and they have used it to convey a variety of emotions. This unique flower also has spiritual significance.

Let’s find out more!

Cosmos Flower In Christianity

This flower is a part of many Christian religious ceremonies and serves as a reminder of God’s love.

Cosmos Flower In Islam

The cosmos flower is of great importance to Muslims. It serves as a metaphor for the splendor of heaven in Islam. This flower is a common motif in art.

Cosmos Flower In Buddhism

Buddhists use the cosmos flower during their meditations. The universe and the path to enlightenment are both represented by these flowers.

Color Meanings

The cosmos flower comes in various colors, and each flower color has its own symbolism.

As you may assume, the red cosmos flower is associated with passion and love. It’s also considered to be a symbol of power.

The yellow cosmos flower is linked to friendship, but also stands for fresh starts, optimism, and hope.

Pink cosmos stand for the tenderest expressions of affection, like kisses and hugs. It can also signify a mother’s love as pink is frequently connected to femininity.

White flowers are often linked to purity and innocence. The white cosmos flower also represents loyalty in romantic relationships.

Cosmos Flower Tattoo

The symbolism of a cosmos flower tattoo can be straightforward or complex. It can instantly show that you value traits like kindness and beauty.

It might also indicate that you hold a belief in universal harmony or symbolize your ability to overcome obstacles, and your evolution into an independent person.

Gifting Cosmo Flowers

If your friend celebrates their birthday in October, then gifting them a cosmos flower is a great idea. This flower is considered to be a birth flower of October.

If your second wedding anniversary is approaching, you can gift a cosmo flower to your loved one as it’s used to celebrate two years of marriage.

Red and pink cosmos flowers are perfect gifts for Valentine’s day. Remember, these two colors represent passion and love, so yourI love you” will be even more romantic.

You can either gift cut flowers or seeds (make sure they’re packed) to symbolize the expanding love you want to nurture with your sweetheart.

White cosmos flowers are linked to loyalty and purity, and I’m sure your friend who’s getting maried would be thrilled if this flower were a part of their wedding bouquet!

More About The Cosmos Flower

The 19-circle Cosmos flower has a powerful frequency that produces an unbreakably harmonious field that can be felt with the hands.

This flower has been linked to Sacred Geometry and also to the throat chakra, which is why they are frequently utilized by public speakers to enhance their speaking voice.

Cosmos flowers are easy to maintain; it loves full sun, warm climates, and well-draining soil. They are drought-tolerant plants and don’t require additional fertilizers.

Some cosmos flower species, such as Cosmos sulphureus, are considered invasive in southeastern parts of the United States.

Uses & Benefits

The cosmos flower plays a significant role in herbalism as it has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. I mentioned that Mexicans used it to treat malaria, diabetes, and skin problems.

These flowers can also enhance circulation and strengthen bones.

Interestingly, the cosmos flower has culinary uses; it’s frequently used in king’s salad, a dish made up of a variety of healing herbs.

These flowers attract beneficial insects and pollinators, so growing them in gardens is a great idea.

There are several varieties of cosmos that have been produced expressly for use as decorative plants in bouquets and gardens. They thrive almost everywhere, and are an excellent option for cottage gardens. The lifespan of cut cosmos blooms is roughly five days.


What is a cosmos flower?

The cosmos flower is a part of the Compositae genus, and it’s an annual plant. This flower reaches maturity two months after planting and produces flowers up until fall.

These flowers resemble daisies in appearance. With additional varieties being created each year, they are available in a wide variety of hues.

The cosmos flower may reach up to 6 feet in height and 3 feet in width.

How many colors are in a cosmos flower?

Cosmos flowers come in different colors, such as pink, red, white, yellow, reddish-brown, and orange. The center of each flower is yellow. Each cosmos color has a different meaning and symbolism, from romantic love to purity and innocence.

Wrapping Up

Every flower has at least one meaning. But some flowers, such as cosmos flowers, have a lot of meanings; in the case of this flower, all the meanings are positive.

The cosmos flower meaning is different in many cultures and religions. There’s one universal meaning, but different colors stand for something different.

Many people know this flower due to its use in tattoos or its connection to Sacred Geometry.

I’m sure you’ll grow at least one cosmos flower in your garden after reading this article.

Until next time!