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This DIY Fertilizer Will Make Every Farmer Jealous Of Your Juicy And Good-Looking Tomatoes

This DIY Fertilizer Will Make Every Farmer Jealous Of Your Juicy And Good-Looking Tomatoes

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Do you want to have the juiciest tomatoes in the whole neighborhood? Of course, your answer is yes! The season for planting this delicious fruit has begun (yes, tomatoes are actually fruits). 

Usually, everyone just plants them in the greenhouse and waits for them to sprout. Many people don’t know that there is a trick to getting the best fruit ever. 

I didn’t even pay that much attention when I planted them, until I found out about this secret. Boy, was I amazed! Not only were the fruits much larger than the others, but they also had a special taste!

My neighbors came to try them and said they had never tasted anything better. Everyone even asked me what the secret was. Well, it’s quite simple – the secret lies in this small potion that’s gonna leave you in awe (guaranteed)!

Let’s See How To Create This Magic Potion

The secret ingredient lies in banana peel. Yes, you read that right. I couldn’t believe it either, but trust me, it will pay off in the end. The peel of bananas is rich in potassium, which is great for plant growth and fruit development. 

Are you ready? You will need three to five peels, a large glass jar, water, and a colander. Go step by step and just follow these instructions:

  • Prepare the main star. Wash the banana well to remove all the dirt, because you don’t want to risk endangering the health of the plant. Then just cut the peels into smaller pieces.
  • Fill your jar. Take the peels and place them gently in the jar, but do not fill it all the way to the top. Submerge the peels in water and leave them for 7 days to let the magic happen.
  • Strain the liquid. After filtering it, you will have successfully passed the test for Hogwarts (you’ve become a real wizard)! Dilute the liquid with water in a ratio of 1:5.
Credit: Pinterest

One small tip, if the drink develops an unpleasant smell, it means that it has gone bad. You must keep it in a cool place. Here you can find more great tricks to have the biggest tomatoes ever!

Now Try It On Your Tomatoes

After you are done with the main part, go to your greenhouse or wherever you planted them. Take the potion and lightly water your tomatoes. Repeat this procedure every two weeks

After two months, when the fruit develops, you will be shocked because you will see the biggest tomatoes ever. When I plucked the first fruit, I wanted to frame it because I was very proud of myself. 

Credit: Pinterest

I had to share some pictures with my friends, and the next day they immediately came to try them. I’ll just tell you that every third day, they came and asked for more!

Learning this trick will make you feel like a real tomato scientist! You will have so much fun doing it. Now I’ve discovered this trick, my housemates and I make this little magical potion of ours every year. Be sure to brag to your neighbors and friends. 

Just imagine what kind of salads and different dishes you will be able to make from your homemade tomatoes. This is a very healthy alternative to other herbicides. 

There is no chemistry because everything is natural. When someone asks you what the catch is, say it’s your little secret!