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12 Garlic Companion Plants + 6 You Should Avoid Planting With Garlic 

12 Garlic Companion Plants + 6 You Should Avoid Planting With Garlic 

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Growing garlic companion plants can save you from many issues. First of all, there are specific plants that you can grow nearby which ward off pests that would otherwise destroy your garlic.  

Other plants like peppers and lettuce might improve garlic’s growth and taste, thus rewarding you with a better and larger garlic harvest. Still, not all plants are good for garlic, and you should avoid planting them close by. 

In this article, we are going to see the best companion plants for your garlic, and which ones you should avoid. 

Garlic Companions For Pest Control

All gardeners struggle with pests, and we all tend to avoid using pesticides that could ruin our crops. In this case, companion planting offers us a natural form of pest control that simply requires planting specific plants close together. 

To protect your garlic from pests, consider growing some of these plants: 

• Carrots – they create a symbiotic relationship in which garlic deters carrot flies and carrots repel pests that like to munch on garlic. 

• Cabbage – this veggie belongs to the Cabbage family, and garlic will help repel pests that feed on the members of this family, including Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, cabbage loopers, and aphids.  

• Celery – similar to carrot, garlic will also help deter pests that would otherwise attack celery. 

• Broccoli – this veggie also belongs to the Cabbage family, which means that garlic will deter the same pests. This also includes veggies like Brassicas, kale, Brussels sprouts, and collards. 

• Fruit trees – although strange, fruit trees and garlic make good companions. This is because garlic can deter mites and borers, and also protect them from apple scab or leaf curl. 

• Rue – this plant helps to keep onion maggots away. These pests usually infest the garlic bulbs. 

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Garlic Companions For Better Growth

Improving the flavor and growth of your veggies is one of many benefits that comes from companion planting. These herbs and veggies can make your garlic better: 

• Chamomile – this delicate plant can improve the taste and growth of your garlic. Dill, savory, and similar herbs have the same impact. 

• Tomatoes – garlic can improve the flavor of tomatoes, and also protect them from certain pests. 

• Lettuce – both share similar requirements. They thrive in cooler seasons and don’t compete for the same nutrients in the soil. 

• Beets – these grow at different soil levels, which enables you to make the most out of your garden space. Plus, they won’t compete for nutrients. You can grow them in the same garden bed as well. 

• Peppers – planting young peppers before harvesting garlic will help you protect them from pests and diseases. 

• Spinach – it is a perfect companion to garlic because it thrives in the cooler season and can be overwintered. 

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Plants To Avoid Growing With Garlic

Not all plants are good companions – some might even impede your garlic’s growth and ruin their flavor. On the other hand, garlic can do the same thing for other plants nearby. 

Anyhow, you shouldn’t plant these together with garlic: 

• Sage – this herb can stunt the growth of your garlic. 

• Strawberries – while garlic can prevent some pests and diseases for strawberries, it can also stunt their growth and reduce the amount of berries they produce. 

• Beans – don’t plant any type of bean with garlic because these root veggies might prevent your legumes from growing and developing. 

• Other Alliums – combining different alliums together might end badly because they are all susceptible to onion maggots. 

• Peas – just like beans, peas are also legumes that might stop growing if garlic is nearby. 

• Asparagus – garlic can prevent asparagus from fully developing, and also contaminate its flavor.  
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