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5 Gorgeous Evergreens That Are Perfect For Small Gardens

5 Gorgeous Evergreens That Are Perfect For Small Gardens

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Our gardens are often too small to fit everything we would like to grow in them (trust me, I know the struggle!). Most gardeners opt for evergreens because when everything dies back after the growing season, evergreens still stay nice and strong! 

However, if you have limited garden space, it is quite hard to grow tall and wide evergreens. Luckily, there are still some evergreen species that stay small and don’t take too much space in the yard. 

In this article, we are going to mention 5 evergreens that our fellow gardeners from GrowVeg suggested. So, if you have always admired landscapes that have so much to offer in the off season, now is the perfect time to create one of your own!

1. Norway Spruce 

Plant name: Norway Spruce ‘Blaze’

Plant description: Grows 8ft tall and 6ft wide. Has vibrant orange-red new growth in the spring and early summer. As it matures, the needles transition to a rich green color. It is a compact tree that typically grows with a pyramidal form. 

Growing requirements: Thrives in well-draining soil with a preference for slightly acidic to neutral pH levels. It requires full sun to partial shade for optimal growth and color development. Regular watering is required until establishment. 

USDA zone: 3 through 7

2. Oriental Spruce

Plant name: Oriental spruce ‘Tidy Tim’

Plant description: Grows 4 ft tall and wide. It has characteristic tiny needles that make the plant look so delicate. 

Growing requirements: ‘Tidy Tim’ thrives in full sun to partial shade. Well-draining soil is required for proper growth. Pruning is generally not necessary for ‘Tidy Tim’ due to its naturally compact and columnar growth habit.

USDA zone: 4 through 7

3. White Spruce

Plant name: White spruce ‘Big Berta’

Plant description: Grows 12 ft tall and 6 ft wide. This large evergreen has a conical shape and dense, blue-green foliage. 

Growing requirements: ‘Big Berta’ thrives in full sun but can tolerate partial shade, especially when young. Well-draining soil is essential for White spruces. Deep watering during dry periods is also beneficial.

USDA zone: 2 through 6

4. Bosnian Pine

Plant name: Bosnian pine ‘Irish Bells’ 

Plant description: Grows 8 ft tall and 6 ft wide. It has deep green needles that are so pretty and it forms a beautiful, soft shape. It is known for its resilience and adaptability. 

Growing requirements: Bosnian Pines thrive in full sun but can tolerate partial shade, especially when young. Provide them with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day for optimal growth and density. Soil should be well-draining and slightly acidic. Once established, Bosnian Pines are relatively drought-tolerant and do not require excessive watering. 

USDA zone: 5 through 8

5. Sawara Cypress

Plant name: Sawara cypress ‘Blue Moon’

Plant description: Grows 4 by 4 and has tiny blue-green needles. It has a somewhat round shape and soft appearance. 

Growing requirements: Full sun to partial shade required, as well as slightly acidic and well-draining soil. Sawara cypress is drought-tolerant once established. Pruning may be necessary to shape or control the size of the Sawara cypress. 

USDA zone: 4 through 8

If you want to see the full video and check out what GrowVeg gardeners actually grow in their garden, please check out this video: