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Tidy Up Your Garden With My DIY Hose And Cord Holder Hack 

Tidy Up Your Garden With My DIY Hose And Cord Holder Hack 

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You’ve spent all day manicuring your garden to perfection – mowing the lawn, tidying up every corner, and clearing away debris. But then, there’s the garden hose, coiled messily on the ground and ruining all your hard work!

You can’t stash it away in the shed because you’ll need it again soon, and leaving it out just makes everything look messy. And untangling it every time you need to use it? Pure frustration, just like dealing with those pesky electrical cords!

But, I’ve figured that it doesn’t have to be this way. Believe it or not, there’s a better solution – a simple DIY hack that anyone can pull off.  

I’ll gladly share some of my favorite tricks to keep your garden organized (and your sanity intact).

This Is How My Little DIY Adventure Went

I wasn’t always a fan of DIY gardening stuff, but as I started making my own bird feeders and drip irrigation systems, I decided to also do something about that coiled garden hose! 

My first quest was to find something nice and round to wrap my hose around. I went for a bucket, but other options like a metal tub or even an old tire rim might do the trick. 

Of course, it doesn’t have to look unsightly – the key is finding something that not only holds your hose but also gives your outdoor space a bit of personality.

The next step was to give my bucket a good cleaning. I used soap and water, but you can switch it up a bit depending on the type of material you are dealing with. 

Then, I had to find the perfect spot to mount my holder – the best option was near my spigot since I needed easy access to it. I screwed it into an exterior wall, but you can also put it on the fence if you’d like. 

All that was left was to wrap the hose. And so I did, and my garden immediately looked 10 times nicer! 

It didn’t take much to do it, but it still made a huge difference. Now I don’t have to look at the messiness all the time (I’m not a control freak but this really frustrated me). 

I Was Happy Because I Reused Something In My Garden 

I turned that old bucket into something pretty and useful (what can I say, I’m all for that eco-friendly stuff). 

While I was doing my research for this DIY project, I also found some great videos on youtube. Here’s one about making your own wooden hose holder. If I had the right tools, I would totally make one (guess I’ll be Bob the Builder next time). 

So, if you’re tired of your garden hose being an eyesore, give this simple DIY hack a try. Please share your results afterwards, I’d like to see how creative you can get! 

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