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Revamp Your Garden With These Heat-Proof Geraniums, Guaranteed to Attract Hummingbirds

Revamp Your Garden With These Heat-Proof Geraniums, Guaranteed to Attract Hummingbirds

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Adding a splash of vibrant color to the yard is the main goal of geraniums – lovely heat-tolerant flowers that can thrive almost anywhere. 

As someone who’s always loved the hustle and bustle of a thriving garden, I can’t help but get excited about these blooming beauties. 

Not only do they add a pop of color to your outdoor space, but they also create a welcoming haven for our tiny, fluttering friends.

Having hummingbirds in your garden is a delightful experience, but did you know that they can also pollinate your plants? With these little birds flying around, you’ll definitely have a bountiful harvest!

The good news is that attracting them with heat-tolerant geraniums has never been easier! That’s why you absolutely must try these three varieties.

1. The Maverick F1 Series Are Your Safest Option

Ever wondered what makes the Maverick F1 series of geraniums a go-to choice for both gardeners and hummingbird enthusiasts alike? 

These OG gems don’t just bloom from June through September – they’re also drought-tolerant, thriving in containers as much as they do in garden beds.

But why do these feathery friends adore these pretty flowers so much? Is it their bold colors, their long-lasting blooms, or their irresistible fragrance?

Well, hummingbirds and I can agree on one thing: we all adore geraniums. 

Plus, you won’t have to break the bank in order to grow them; you can snag a pack of 25 Geranium Maverick F1 Red seeds from Harris Seeds for just $9! 

Or, opt for 10 seeds of the stunning Maver­ick Scarlet Picotee for only $5 (you can find them here: Swallowtail Garden Seeds).

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2. Hummingbirds Will Go Crazy For Ivy League Geraniums

Although these geraniums didn’t exactly go to Ivy league college, they are definitely top-notch choices in the gardening world! 

Ivy League geraniums are heat-tolerant plants that shine in hanging baskets and patio containers. And guess what? 

These flowers aren’t just eye candy; they’re also a top pick for hummingbird enthusiasts craving some feathered visitors in their garden.

With blooms ranging from pure white to deep burgundy, the Ivy League series offers a vibrant palette to attract those chirpy birds. Why settle for anything less than the brightest colors for your backyard?

Pink Prairie Gardens has got you covered with their Geranium Ivy League Cherry Blossom plants in 4.5-inch pots for just $6.50. 

Don’t forget to check out other Ivy League cultivars like Red, Hot Coral, and Arctic Red. With so many options available, I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your garden style! 

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3. Geraniums From The Fantasia Series May Be Your Winning Pick

Hailed by none other than Texas Master Gardener David Rodriguez, these plants are known as the most heat-tolerant geraniums EVER grown in Texas.

According to Rodriguez, they are the best for keeping blooms strong and vibrant even through the scorching summer heat. 

With standout cultivars like Strawberry Sizzle and Violet leading the pack, you can bet your garden will be bursting with color all season long. 

I would advise you to keep your eyes peeled at your favorite local nursery for seeds and plants when the sale season kicks off in early May. In case you don’t want to wait, go check Berns Garden Center & Landscaping and get your hands on 1-quart pots of Geranium Fantasia for just $8! 

Rest assured, your garden plants will not only tolerate these geraniums but will likely thrive alongside them, attracting a lot of hummingbirds eager for their nectar-rich blooms!