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Find Out If Aluminum Foil Will Really Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seed

Find Out If Aluminum Foil Will Really Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seed

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Everyone enjoys seeing little birdies in their yards. Unless you’ve just sown your grass seeds and birds threaten to eat them all! 

I had this problem in the past and when I researched how to deter birds, I saw people using aluminum foil. Honestly, it didn’t make any sense to me. 

Of course, the only way to find out was to test the theory myself and get more info. I learned that birds aren’t into shiny objects, and that’s actually the whole idea of using aluminum foil. 

So, you must be wondering about the results and if this odd technique works. 

Yes, But Not As Much As You Would Want To

Look, I wasn’t disappointed after I tested the theory. Birds indeed didn’t come near it and I suppose it’s because of the way the sun reflected off it.

I haven’t seen any birds touching the foil either. So, what’s the deal? I put a few strips of aluminum foil on my freshly planted lawn. However, the problem was that birds were targeting the areas without foil. 

Perhaps the only thing I could do at that point was to cover my entire lawn with aluminum foil. And who on earth would do such a thing?!

Then I realized that this method is perfect for those who want to plant grass seed on an existing lawn. After you sow the seeds, simply put a few strips of aluminum over them and you won’t see any birds nearby. 

Another method I tried was to put the foil high up. I secured it to my tree above my lawn using a string and it reflected the sun perfectly. 

However, I got the most out of this method when I combined aluminum foil with other shiny objects. I had a bunch of old CDs and, combined with foil, they really kept birds at bay. 

I managed to deter magpies, which were the biggest fans of my grass seeds. 

Therefore, using aluminum foil to repel birds does work but you’ll get the best results if you combine it with other methods

Try These Ideas If Birds Keep Using Your Grass Seeds As Their Dinner

The chances these wonderful creatures will keep munching on your grass even after you use aluminum foil are pretty high. 

Apart from shiny objects, there are other safe ways to protect your freshly planted grass seeds. Here’s what I mean:

Scarecrow: Well, old-school scarecrows will still do their job and keep those birds at bay, and you won’t have to spend a dime. 

Recording with bird of prey: Smaller birds are scared of larger birds, so you can use this as your weapon. You won’t be bringing in any more birds but rather play a recording with a bird of prey or similar sounds birds dislike. 

Birdfeeders: Yes, you read that right. Birdfeeders will indeed attract more birds, but if you ensure a constant food supply, birds won’t need to visit your lawn. Remember, work smart, not hard!

Install a covering: And if none of the methods above work, you can always cover your lawn (not with aluminum foil, though). Compost, a net, or topsoil are all perfect options and will keep your newly sown grass intact.

Now you know what to do! With a little help from aluminum foil and other methods, your grass seeds will be able to develop undisturbed!