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Watch Your Peace Lily Thrive With This Foolproof Fertilizing Plan For Gorgeous Blooms

Watch Your Peace Lily Thrive With This Foolproof Fertilizing Plan For Gorgeous Blooms

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Peace lilies have been stealing hearts with their stunning foliage and bold blooms for ages. Besides, they are super easy to satisfy (some sun and watering will do the trick). 

But the secret to keeping those flowers blooming and flourishing like never before is giving them a little nutrient boost. 

I’m gonna be completely honest (and not at all modest) when I say I’m a lily whisperer (seriously, I practically speak their language). In my experience, fertilizing these babies is the secret to unlocking their full potential. 

Adding a pop of color to every corner of your living space doesn’t seem like a bad idea, am I right? With the right fertilization techniques, you can make it happen, too!

1. Wait Until The Timing Is Right

Before diving into fertilizing fun, let’s chat about timing because knowing when to give your peace lily that extra boost is key!

As a general rule of green-thumb, hold off on fertilizing until your plant is in full growth mode. Trust me, you don’t want to risk oversaturating the soil and causing your peace lily to droop or turn yellow.

This lovely plant will thrive with a fertilizer boost every four to six weeks during its growing season (spring to fall). 

But when winter rolls around, your plant deserves a break – so no need for extra fertilizer then!

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2. Choose The Right Kind Of Fertilizer

Choosing the right fertilizer is important when nourishing your peace lilies. 

If you want your peace lilies to thrive better than ever, opt for a 2-2-2 fertilizer that’s organic or bloom-specific. 

Avoid using fertilizers with high-nitrogen formula (they’ll just focus on leaf growth rather than flowers).

Pay close attention to the fertilizer numbers and NPK ratios to ensure a balanced diet for your plant. 

Whether you’re using liquid feed or another substrate, you should apply it directly to the soil around the base of your peace lily, where it can reach the roots. I always recommend following package instructions for the right dosage.

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3. Last But Not Least, Follow The Right Aftercare

It’s time for some post-fertilizing pampering to keep them thriving!

Start by giving them a good drink, but be careful not to drown them (they don’t like soggy roots!).  

Then, keep a close watch out for any signs of stress, like wilting or yellowing leaves. If your plant starts acting out, don’t panic! Just adjust your fertilizing routine accordingly.

And remember, consistency is key! Stick to a regular fertilizing schedule, but give your plants a break during the winter months to let them rest and recharge.

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