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Take Back Control Of Your Garden By Eliminating Hogweed With These Simple Tricks

Take Back Control Of Your Garden By Eliminating Hogweed With These Simple Tricks

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When I stumbled upon giant hogweed in my garden, it was like facing a formidable foe. The burns it caused were no joke (trust me, I can still feel the pain), and I knew I had to act fast! 

But how exactly do you get rid of giant hogweed without causing harm to yourself or the environment?

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the right answer: get down on your knees and start hand-picking them. However, be sure to wear protective clothing to avoid direct contact with the plant’s sap because it’s highly toxic! 

That’s the first step, but what’s next? There are a few tricks up my long-sleeves (you’ve got to wear them, I swear) that I’ll gladly share with you! 

First, Get The Right Tools

You have to gear up first! 

No worries, you won’t need much stuff. Just get:

Protective goggles – believe me, you don’t want to get hogweed in your eyes. 

Gloves to protect your hands – it’s best to opt for goggles made out of synthetic materials as they won’t soak up the plants’ toxic sap. 

A good outfit – wear something that is water-resistant and has long sleeves. Again, look for something made out of synthetic material. Once you’re done, immediately wash your clothes. 

Some sunblock – don’t go anywhere without a good-quality SPF, let alone into battle with hogweed, because the sap could get on your skin (and it would be super painful). 

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Then, Get To Work

Are you all geared up? If so, then let’s get down to business. 

​​Sure, you could reach for some weedkillers, but why not go the eco-friendly route? Get hands-on and pull those young hogweeds straight out of the ground.

May is your month of triumph – when the soil is nice and damp, and those hogweeds are just tall enough to make a dramatic exit! 

Grab your trusty fork and loosen those roots, but before you go on, check if those pesky plants have already started flowering.

Play the waiting game a bit longer if they’ve started flowering: let that flower spike strut its stuff, then swiftly remove it before the flowers go to seed.

Don’t forget to mulch the area once you’ve removed those sturdy weeds. Mulching is the best way to prevent any sneaky regrowth attempts. 

Bring out the big guns if you’re facing down a giant army of hogweed – a professional can ensure its safe removal, leaving your garden a hogweed-free paradise.

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Here’s What To Do With Hogweed Afterwards

You’ve got it all out, now what? 

Whatever you do, don’t toss them into the compost pile (it will spread all over it, and maybe even further!). Don’t ask me how I know this.

Learn from my mistakes and do this instead: burn them. 

That’s right, by burning hogweed you will completely get rid of it. Don’t want to mess with fire? Then send it off to a licensed landfill site. 

Before you do that, please check in with your local authority for the lowdown on proper disposal methods because different areas might have their own rules about kicking out invasive plants. 

Now, tell me, are you ready to pull those weeds like a pro and ensure they don’t come back to haunt your garden?  

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