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Pine Siskins Absolutely Love These 2 Ingredients – Add Them To Your Yard Today

Pine Siskins Absolutely Love These 2 Ingredients – Add Them To Your Yard Today

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If someone had told me a few years ago that I would enjoy bird watching as much as gardening, I would’ve said they couldn’t be more mistaken. And here I am now, waiting for the most glorious creature ever, the pine siskin. 

Even though they aren’t as big or showy as other common birds, there’s something about them that fascinates me. It’s probably because their easy nature and sociability for a bird is something pretty spectacular.

Not to mention their intriguing call that makes my time spent on the patio even better. Backyard owners in North America have the privilege of seeing pine siskins pretty often. However, that’s not the case for us in the South. 

We may see them more frequently if the food supply is low in their native habitats. A finch irruption forecast is an excellent way to check if pine siskins will soon be in your region. 

And the only thing to do now is keep them in your backyard by providing them with the two things they like most! Fasten your seat belt because we’re about to unlock the secret of attracting magnificent pine siskins!

Nyjer Is A Game Changer!

The first snack pine siskins love is nyjer, a seed that’s full of oil and makes an excellent meal for these lovely birds!

Many other finch species also enjoy these seeds, so if you’re into birdwatching, you should add this ingredient to your birdfeeder. 

When compared to other birds, pine siskins have a higher body fat percentage. This feature makes it easier for these birdies to survive the conditions found in boreal forests and at alpine heights.

Another shocking fact about pine siskins is that they can withstand temperatures down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit. They have their metabolic rate to thank for this, which can speed up significantly if necessary. 

Nyjer seeds are packed with many nutrients that will serve as fuel for pine siskins. Additionally, their shell isn’t too thick, making them easier to eat. 

And there’s one more thing I like about Nyjer seeds. Squirrels aren’t really fond of them, so these, sometimes annoying, animals won’t bother your bird feeders. More food for pine siskins and fewer issues with squirrels! Checkmate!

And The Same Goes For Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

Why black oil sunflower seeds instead of the regular striped seeds? Simply because they’re easy to crack and pine siskins find them alluring. 

Similarly to Nyjer seeds, black oil sunflower seeds are a great source of oil and will boost winter fat stores. Additionally, a wide array of bird species prefer black oil sunflower seeds over Nyjer seeds. 

Want to attract cardinals, woodpeckers, or chickadees? Use black oil sunflower seeds! Yes, all these birds find them irresistible!

I use these seeds instead of Nyjer because I can find them easily here in Florida and my friends from other states claim the same.

But no matter which one you use, pine siskins will be on their way! Now just sit back and enjoy their fascinating flight patterns and captivating calls!