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Learn How To Grow This Magical Purple Flower That Will Make Your Garden Smell Like Cherry Pie

Learn How To Grow This Magical Purple Flower That Will Make Your Garden Smell Like Cherry Pie

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Would you like to add some new color to your backyard? Most gardens typically have red, white, and yellow plants. So, guys, get out of your comfort zone! Believe me, I was also attached to only one flower, but when I discovered this, it changed everything!

When I heard about Heliotropes, I immediately ran to buy seeds and plant them. Their beautiful purple color brought happiness to my garden. Besides looking flawless, they smelled like a delicious cherry pie (I could hardly resist eating it).

Hurry up, prepare your favorite coffee, and discover the best way to grow and care for your future star of the garden! 

The First Step Is To Plant These Beauties

To start with some good news, Heliotrope is great for beginners because it is very easy to grow. Are you ready to take the first step? I know you’re excited! After buying the seeds, plant them in small seedlings. 

It’s important to stimulate their growth so they can be transplanted into the ground or containers, depending on what you prefer. Place them in the sun and water them well. You’ll need to repeat this process for about a month. After that, I transferred mine to the garden with other plants. 

I was so happy when they bloomed because they blended so well with the other plants. They were a real happy little group. Here you can find some good ideas for flower bed combinations, and among them is Heliotrope (find them a partner)!

Don’t Forget Your Plants Need Care Too

It’s actually very simple, just follow these steps to enjoy a beautiful view every morning!

  • Provide light. They love the sun, so it would be ideal if your garden receives plenty of sunlight. If you plant them in the shade, they will turn to dust.
  • Water them! In order to thrive, they require constant hydration. Don’t forget to do that because they will dry out if you don’t. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Make sure your Heliotropes have fresh water every day!
  • Watch the temperature and humidity! It would be best if they grow where it is warmer during the day and colder at night. They do not do well in very warm regions and are very sensitive to frost.
  • Feed them well. Heliotropes are very hungry plants, remember that! Once a month, provide them with a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus. This will help them grow better.

With the help of these tips, you can stay calm because this is all you need to do to keep your purple friends blooming all summer.

Beware Of Their Biggest Enemies

You read that right, they have enemies too. This is another thing to bear in mind when taking care of your plants. Watch out for spider mites! Yeah, I fear them the most (my worst nightmare)! They may try to attack these poor little plants and feed on their plant juices. 

To prevent this, it would be best to increase the water pressure and spray the flowers. That’s how you’ll get rid of them and become a hero by saving the plant.

Oh no, there’s more? Yes, annoying whiteflies like the same thing as spiders. I had a serious problem with them. But I got rid of them by using insecticidal soaps. That helped me and I hope I never see them again! 

A Little Advice for Colder Days

Heliotropes won’t survive the winter outside! If you want to maintain this perfect color at home, you can bring them indoors during the winter. Place the plant next to a window to ensure it receives the necessary light, and continue caring for it as you do in the summer. 

When you bring them into the house, they will need less water. Just be careful not to overdo it.

With a bit of luck, you can enjoy its scent all year round. Imagine how aesthetically pleasing the space will be where this beauty stands. This was one of the best decisions for me because it became an excellent decoration for my little corner!

Trust me, this flower will make every passer-by stop and admire your garden. Not only will it decorate the garden, but this cutie will also bring joy to it. 

Imagine this scene: it’s summer and your favorite song is playing in the background. Then, you take a look at your fully bloomed purple babies! Isn’t that wonderful? Give it a shot, life is too short for only one plant!