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Learn How To Identify And Remove Toxic Nightshade From Your Garden

Learn How To Identify And Remove Toxic Nightshade From Your Garden

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Have you spotted a cute plant with black berries in your garden? Don’t even think about eating them before you do thorough research about their edibility! 

I noticed one in my garden a few weeks ago while checking my yard, and it was Belladonna, a really dangerous plant known for its poison.

Luckily, I knew what this flower looked like. Belladonnas are really charming, but you want to get rid of this toxic plant as soon as possible, believe me (better safe than sorry). And with these simple steps, it has never been easier to do it!

Let’s See What This Famous Cherry Devil Looks Like

I must admit that Belladonna is one of the most beautiful plants I have ever seen. It blooms all summer, the flowers are bell-shaped, and the plant has dark green leaves with black berries. 

It’s also called “devil’s cherry,” precisely because of its mystical appearance. It always reminds me of the plants we see in cartoons when they show where the evil characters live. If you see it in the garden, you can admire it from a safe distance, but that’s pretty much all I recommend doing!

Not only can it endanger our health, but it can also poison pets. Unfortunately, its fruits look like edible berries like blueberries or blackberries, so people may think they are not poisonous and eat them. 

Of course, that won’t happen to you because now you know what a deadly nightshade looks like.

Here’s How To Remove Sneaky Belladonna From Your Garden

I struggled a bit at first, but after following these steps I never saw it in my yard again. I hope it won’t surprise me in the future.

  • Protect yourself! Take gloves, long pants, and boots. It is important to proceed with great caution. If the plant has grown to be as tall as you, be sure to wear some protective goggles. 

It may look like you’re going to a lab to work, but hey – you can never be too cautious with this.

  • Remove the root. Try to dig up the plant along with its roots. If you don’t remove them, it will grow again and all your efforts will go to waste. Take a hoe and dig as hard as you can.

When you are sure that you have successfully completed the previous part, carefully dispose of the plant in the trash. I disinfected my tools later, and you can do the same to ensure that no poison remains on them.

  • Use herbicide. It’s one of the effective ways to remove it. Just be sure to protect the other plants to avoid harming them. Follow the instructions carefully!
  • Mow your garden regularly. This method will not only keep your yard clean and beautiful, but also prevent further appearance of belladonnas. Grab the lawnmower, put on your headphones, and get into action!

After 14 days, there was no sign of berries. I was really happy because there was no more danger in my yard. Even my dog couldn’t wait to finally run through the garden (he had the zoomies)! After all that, I had to reward myself with a cold cocktail after successfully completing the work!

Keep Your Child Away From Berries

Of course, every parent is protective of their child. Our babies, especially when they are still small, have that investigative spirit. Anything that looks interesting, they have the urge to reach out and try. 

In this case it could be berries, with their delicious-looking appearance that attracts children. It’s important to keep an eye on your garden and remove Belladonna when it appears, keeping kids as far away from that place as possible

It’s important not to panic if you see it in the garden. I’m a bit of a drama mom myself, and I immediately rushed into the house. I didn’t really know how to deal with it then, I just knew how Belladonna looked and that it was dangerous. 

After researching and discovering excellent removal methods, there was no trace of it. Now you know how to get rid of this little devil forever. Take a break and get ready for some action!