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Get Ready To Grow The Tastiest Carrots In Your Containers With Zero Effort

Get Ready To Grow The Tastiest Carrots In Your Containers With Zero Effort

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It’s finally time to plant carrots!

I hope you are as excited as I am! I plant them every year, but this time I came up with a genius idea. All you need is one big container, and you’re ready to go! 

Containers are actually great for planting carrots. This is the best option for those of you who don’t have a large garden, or if you want to plant them on a terrace. Just imagine going to the balcony and picking a few fresh carrots for your soup – how cool would that be?

I know that you are most interested in the growing part, so let’s not waste time and see how to plant this tasty veggie in the easiest way possible!

#1 You Will Need The Biggest Container For Your Tiny Babies

You may be wondering why the container has to be big. The answer is simple, this size will allow the root of the carrot to develop and grow deeply

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They will have more space, which means it won’t be crowded inside their cozy home. They will actually enjoy being there. You might even say that it would be their 5-star hotel!

You’d better have drainage holes in the bottom, because if there aren’t any, excess water will collect at the bottom of the container. That can only lead to roots not being able to grow!

You don’t have holes underneath? No problem, take a drill and make a couple It’s really simple!

The next step is an interesting one. 

#2 It’s Time To Plant Your Delicious Veggie

Now that you’ve found the right container, it’s time to prepare the soil. Mix it with compost or organic vegetable fertilizer

Add plenty of sand to the mixture to prevent dense soil that can be harmful to the roots. Sow the seeds half an inch apart and try to plant so that each seed is evenly spaced.

Then water well, just not with strong pressure, as this could push the seeds out of the soil! Make sure the carrot doesn’t dry out because you’ll need to place it in a spot that receives plenty of sunlight!

Did you know that you can grow one interesting veggie in a pair with your carrots? You can plant them with onions because they are the perfect couple and go well together!

#3 Let’s See Which Varieties Are The Perfect Match For Your Containers

You have to be careful about which varieties you choose for your container. The best ones are the shorter types, like little fingers, parisian, oxheart, and chantenay

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They will grow the fastest and you will have plenty of fruits, which only means one thing – a successful harvest! 

Another good thing is that these varieties will play a big role in your health. Do you remember how many times your parents told you to eat carrots because they would improve your vision? 

They were right, research has shown that these veggies can protect our eyesight and that they also have numerous other benefits. Remember, a carrot a day keeps the doctor away!

#4 After 3 Months Get Ready For A Successful Harvest

How do you know when carrots are ready? Don’t worry, you will see them pushing towards the surface, competing to see who will be first one to grow!

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You can pick them one by one or all at once. It would be best to use them in your kitchen right away! Wash them and make a delicious salad, or maybe a sweet dessert! 

Now the only thing left is to try this method! Your happiness will go through the roof when you see that you have successfully completed the job.