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Plant Them Together! Onions & Carrots Are The Perfect Couple

Plant Them Together! Onions & Carrots Are The Perfect Couple

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Planting onions and carrots together isn’t just about maximizing garden space; it’s a gardening strategy that benefits both plants. 

Companion planting is not something new in gardening. In fact, it has been practiced for decades now. However, it’s crucial to know which plants grow well together. 

In this article, we are going to discuss growing onions and carrots together, the benefits, and how to do it properly. 

Let’s dive in! 

What’s The Fuss About Companion Planting?

Companion planting is a traditional gardening technique that involves planting different plant species together in a way that enhances the growth, health, and yield of one or more plants. 

Certain plants act as a natural pest control since they emit compounds that repel or confuse pests, thus helping to protect neighboring plants from infestation. 

Other plants act as trap plants and they are purposely put in a specific place in order to attract insects that would otherwise devour delicate plants nearby. Certain plants also attract pollinators and predatory insects that help control garden plants 

There are also plants that improve soil structure and nutrient availability, benefiting crops nearby. There are many benefits that come from companion planting, so why not try it in your own garden?

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Why Onions And Carrots Work Well Together

Onions and carrots combine perfectly on the plate, as well as underneath the ground! 

Both of these are root vegetables that grow underground, but they use different parts of the soil, thus optimizing space and ensuring more efficient use of your garden bed. Carrots spread below onions, while onions stay near the soil’s surface. 

Additionally, onions have shallow roots that wouldn’t impede the growth of carrots nearby. They also have similar growing requirements and are not competing for the same nutrients. 

Onions have a pungent aroma and they release compounds that repel many common garden pests, including carrot flies that would otherwise attack your precious carrots. Slugs, aphids, and snails are also repelled by onion’s aroma. 

Planting onions alongside carrots can help protect the carrots from these potential threats. You can use onions to create a natural barrier around carrots. 

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When To Plant Them 

Since both carrots and onions grow well in cooler temperatures, it’s best to plant them in early spring. Plant carrots as soon as the soil is workable (these veggies can even endure some frost). 

With carrots, you should sow them a few weeks before the last frost date. However, even if you plant them around the same time, they can grow just fine as long as you provide them with well-draining, loose soil. 

Carrots are often planted directly into the ground, while onions can be started indoors and then transplanted out once the frost has passed. This way, you will maximize your harvest and extend the growing season. 

Although you can plant them at the same time, you should know that onions take much more time to grow and mature compared to carrots. Fix your planting schedule accordingly and enjoy your onions and carrots! 
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