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Growing Homemade Tomatoes In Pots Is A Must-Try This Season

Growing Homemade Tomatoes In Pots Is A Must-Try This Season

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Hey tomato lovers, it’s finally time to make your yummy fruits shine! I’m a huge tomato fan, too! I plant them every season, but this year was different.

In my previous home, I had a huge garden and I enjoyed planting my tomatoes outside. But, after moving to my new apartment, there wasn’t much space left for them. Instead, I tried growing them in pots, as I just wasn’t ready to give up my favorite activity.

Let me tell you right away – the results were stunning! It was the best decision I have ever made, and the best thing was that it wasn’t demanding at all.

All it took was some nice pots, and the process unfolded like magic.

Welcome Your New Favorite Planting Buddy, Pots

Growing tomatoes this season will be really easy with the help of these tricks! You will even be able to place them on a terrace. Isn’t that genius? Here’s how to make it happen:

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  • Choose bigger pots! If tomatoes have enough room in their ‘cozy home’, it can only mean one thing – a successful harvest with many delicious tomatoes! 

It would be best to use plastic pots because they help retain the moisture your plants need. Always check if they have drainage holes in the bottom before planting.

  • Select special varieties! Tiny Tim, Roma, Yellow pear, and Cherry have proven to be the best for growing in pots! You won’t have any problems with these guys because they go hand in hand with planters. 
  • Place the trellises. Tomatoes are like a mini version of bamboo! As they start growing, they’ll need support for their fruits. Trellises will play the main role and assist the tomatoes in performing their most important job – providing you with delicious fruits!
  • Place them in a sunny spot. Remember folks, this is a key factor in growing tomatoes! They require at least six hours of full sun for healthy growth

If you want to grow them on a terrace but lack natural light, consider buying a plant light! I’ve used one for my indoor flowers, and I’m sure it could also benefit those of you growing tomatoes on a balcony!

  • Don’t forget to water your tomatoes! These plants require a morning drink to keep them hydrated throughout the day. Make sure that the soil isn’t dry! If you live in an area where summer days are unbearable, it would be good to water them twice a day.
  • Feed them well! They love fertilizer rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium! Fertilize them twice a month, as they are big foodies! You can always make your own DIY fertilizer. That will save you money and be even better for your juicy tomatoes!

Prepare The Kitchen For Your Favorite Recipes

If everything goes according to plan, you will be able to harvest in three to four weeks. I’m fully confident in your gardening skills, so I have no doubt everything will be fine!

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I know you are already thinking about what kind of dishes you could make, from salads to a delicious salsa for tacos! 

You can even freeze them and enjoy their taste all winter long. I always surprise myself when I open the freezer and see tomatoes! They never last long in my kitchen!.

You have reached the end of another exciting gardening adventure. Did you have fun? I really enjoyed it, and it’s not only because I love tomatoes too much! 

Now you’re a pro when it comes to growing homemade juicy fruits in pots, you can have a kingdom of tomatoes on your terrace!