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How To Make Beautiful Pinecone Flowers For Long-lasting Beauty

How To Make Beautiful Pinecone Flowers For Long-lasting Beauty

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Fresh flowers are nice, but they don’t last long. An awesome alternative? Pinecone flowers! 

They’re easy to make, look amazing, and never wilt! 

People love getting them as gifts for special days like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day because it shows you put in effort. You can combine and make all sorts of flowers in different sizes and colors, but the most popular ones are definitely pinecone roses

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own pinecone flowers. Let’s get creative and bring a bit of forever-blooming joy to your space!

Required Materials

Source: Facebook

Pinecones (they have to be cleaned)

Acrylic paint in light pink, dark pink, white (colors are optional)

Paint brush (this one from Amazon is amazing)

Green wooden skewers

Green floral tape

Proper drill with a small drill bit (it should be the same size as wooden skewer)

Clear drying craft glue 

Extra fine white glitter

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Step-by-step Instructions For Making Pinecone Flowers

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Step 1: Use a small paint brush with flat tips to paint pinecones. The choice of color is totally up to you. Repeat as many times as needed to achieve specific coverage. Leave them to dry.

Step 2: Use a drill to create a small hole that is about ¼ of an inch deep in the bottom of the dry pinecone. Ensure that the hole is the same size as the wooden skewer. 

Step 3: Green floral tape should be wrapped around the wooden skewer from one end to the other. 

Step 4: Put one end of the wrapped skewer into the pine cone that has been drilled. If glue is needed to keep it together, then you should add it.

Step 5: Adding glitter is optional. If you want to add it, find some translucent types to paint over the pinecones. Shake excess off and leave them to dry. 

Step 6: Put your pinecone roses in a vase and arrange them however you like. 

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