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This Is The Easiest Way To Propagate Cherry Tomato Plants And It Works Every Time

This Is The Easiest Way To Propagate Cherry Tomato Plants And It Works Every Time

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Cherry tomato enthusiasts, it’s that time of the year when we finally see how well our plants are developing! Or not…

Unfortunately, not every seed transforms into a lush and abundantly fruiting tomato plant. And your seedlings can stop growing without any special reason. 

Yes, it can be really disheartening to see only a few plants survive. But as I always say, don’t cry over spilled milk!

Starting your cherry tomatoes from seeds at this point won’t get you anywhere. However, there’s one thing you can do right now to increase your harvest!

Propagation saves the day! Ready to learn how to multiply your cherry tomatoes without putting in a lot of effort or spending too much time and money? 

All You Need Is A Few Suckers

Not every grower thinks about cherry tomato plant parts. Ok, most growers don’t think about it. But it comes in super handy at this point.

If you have a healthy cherry tomato (or luckily even more), you’ll notice how it produces a lot of suckers. This is basically new growth you can find between the main stems and leaves.  

Believe it or not, they’re your golden ticket to more healthy and abundantly fruiting cherry tomatoes!

At this growth stage, you’ll need to prune your tomatoes no matter which variety you grow. So why not use the opportunity and propagate? 

Some growers opt for cuttings when multiplying their cherry tomatoes but, in my opinion, there’s really no need for this approach. Suckers produce roots easily and you don’t even need to apply a root hormone.

All you need to do is plant them in compost and they’ll reward you with delicious and juicy fruits before the end of the growing season.

The mother cherry tomato plant will also benefit from removing suckers; it’ll promote airflow within the plant and help it set fruits in no time!

This Is How You Take Them

First things first, you need to prepare sharp and clean cutting tools! Trust me, blunt tools will damage the mother plant and ruin this year’s harvest.

Now identify all the suckers on your cherry tomato plants! Take a look at the growing tips of the stems’ tops and the numerous branches that grow along them.

The branches you should leave on the plant typically grow at a 90-degree angle from the main stem. Your goal is to remove the branches that grow right above them.

Never cut off the cherry tomato suckers placed below the lowest cluster of blooms.

The suckers you’ll propagate should be approximately 4-6 inches long. Be careful when snipping them off to avoid damaging the plant!

And Don’t Forget To Ensure All The Growing Conditions

Once you remove the suckers, it’s time to root them. I always follow the same procedure; I first put them in a glass filled with 2 inches of water and allow them to sit for a few days or until they generate new roots.

Make sure to keep the glass in a sunny spot and cool temperatures.

Some growers root their cherry tomato suckers in the sand. I tried it once, and even though it works, I find it easier to propagate in water. Seeing the entire process through glass is priceless for me!

The next step is planting your cherry tomato suckers after they develop roots. You can put them directly into the ground or keep them in containers.

No matter which method you choose, make sure to protect the new plants from direct sunlight. I simply cover them with a shade cloth until they’re well-established. 

Your tomatoes will need a lot of sun once fully established, so uncover them or move them to a sunnier location if you grow them in pots!

Our journey ends here! By using this tried-and-true method, you’ll not only expand your collection, but get the healthiest and juiciest cherry tomatoes you could dream of!