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Your Delicious Cucumbers Will Adore You For These Amazing Growing Tips

Your Delicious Cucumbers Will Adore You For These Amazing Growing Tips

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Happy gardening everyone!

It’s finally cucumber season and that means one thing – planting time! I enjoy growing cucumbers, and every summer I fill at least five baskets with these delicious veggies. Of course, they are gone by the third day. My housemates love my veggies, clearly! 

A little bird told me that you need some help growing them. Well, today is your lucky day! Trust me, after using these tricks, cucumbers will adore you and you’ll be enjoying their yummy fruits before you know it! 

If you want to enjoy these crunchy veggies in your summer salads, here’s what you need to do.

Let’s See What It Takes To Earn A Cuke’s Love

There’s nothing to worry about, newbies! They are actually easy to maintain. Here are the tricks you need:

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  • Plant them after the frost. This is very important if you want to make your cucumbers happy! They do not tolerate cold weather

If you don’t have the patience to wait, and you plant them in the cold, the leaves will be damaged and you won’t have any fruits. So be careful and wait for the right time!

  • Plant them in the brightest part of your garden! These veggies require full sun and do not tolerate shade at all. Natural light plays a big role in the photosynthesis they need for healthy growth!

If you live in a place where the summers are unbearable, you should visit them every day just to make sure everything runs smoothly!

  • Cucumbers need water too! Make sure to give your veggies a cold drink! Especially on a hot summer day, because their poor leaves will get burned and you’ll be left without tasty fruits. If you’re not a morning person and prefer to sleep in, then sprinklers are the right choice for you!
  • Use mulch! This will keep the soil moist, which is very important for growing cucumbers. Of course, the best option for your cucumbers is organic mulch! 

You can use leaves, straw, or even newspaper. Apply mulch immediately after planting, and then repeat three weeks later.

  • Grow them vertically! You won’t believe how much cucumbers benefit from this fantastic method.

You can do all the work while standing. Maybe your legs will hurt a little bit, but at least you’ll get a good workout. Who needs a gym when you are a passionate gardener?

They will have better air circulation, which means there will be fewer fungal diseases. You’ll need strong trellises or grids to provide them with good support, especially if you live in a windy area.

Folks, after this, they will definitely love you!

Mission Passed, Now It’s Harvest Time

In just two months, you will have the most beautiful display of greenery ever! 

After harvesting, bring your basket to the kitchen, wash them well, and finally prepare that meal you’ve been waiting for! You can even use them as a face mask, because cucumbers are very healthy for your skin. After all this work, you truly deserve to relax. 

There are also brilliant storage tricks that will help you keep your cucumbers fresh.

Mission accomplished, congratulations! 

I won’t take up any more of your time because your cucumbers don’t have time to wait. Hurry to the garden and apply all these tips that you’ve learned today!

Have a great time in your garden!