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How To Propagate Schefflera aka The Umbrella Plant

How To Propagate Schefflera aka The Umbrella Plant

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Schefflera plants are a common choice for houseplant collections due to their stunning appearance. These plants may grow up to 6 feet tall so it’s impossible not to notice them. 

One of my favorite features of umbrella plants is that they respond well to propagation so you can expand your collection without any special equipment or skill. 

In this article, I’ll show you two methods for propagating Schefflera plants; both are simple and have a high success rate, so it’s up to you to choose!

Let’s get started!

How To Propagate Schefflera In Soil

Before I show you the steps, I should tell you when to start propagating. Schefflera plants start their growing season in spring; take the cuttings then so that the plant has enough time to recover. 

Another thing to prepare is the cutting tool and a sanitizing solution. A pair of scissors, pruners, or a knife all work fine as long as they’re sharp and sterilized

Here are the steps for propagating umbrella plants in soil. 

1. Inspect your Schefflera and look for a healthy stem, then cut a 4-6 inch long portion that has at least 2 sets of leaves

2. Get rid of the leaves on the bottom part of the umbrella plant cutting. 

3. Prepare a rooting hormone and insert the cut end in it. This step isn’t essential but it will encourage root growth in your Schefflera cutting. 

4. Prepare a small pot with drainage holes and fill it with soil mix. I use a mix of perlite and peat; the first ingredient will enhance drainage, whereas the latter will ensure there’s enough water in the soil.

5. Wet your Schefflera cutting but make sure the soil isn’t overly saturated.

6. Put a plastic bag over the cutting so that there’s enough humidity for the cutting to generate new growth. 

7. Find a location where your Schefflera cutting can receive bright indirect sunlight and high humidity. Remove the plastic bag every couple of days and lightly mist the soil to maintain moisture. 

8. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for the Schefflera plant cutting to root successfully. Tug it gently and if it shows resistance, it’s a telltale sign the roots have formed. 

Now, uncover the cutting and continue with regular Schefflera plant care. 

Schefflera Water Propagation

Many growers decide on water propagation because they can clearly see the root development. The good news is that umbrella plants can easily be propagated in water. 

First, you need to take the cutting the same way you would for soil propagation. Take a smaller glass or clear vase and fill it with clean room-temperature water.

Immerse the cut ends of your cuttings in water and monitor the development. You must change the water every few days because standing water can attract pathogens, which can result in the rotting of your Schefflera cutting. 

Now comes the best part of this propagation method! As time passes, you’ll clearly see the size of the roots and when they’re a few inches long, carefully transfer them into pots filled with suitable soil mix. 

Voila! You’ve successfully propagated your Schefflera plants! Now pay close attention to light exposure and the watering schedule.

Check the soil regularly and add water only when the upper two inches of the soil are dry. You can put this plant near an east-facing window so that it can receive enough bright but indirect light!

These plants add a special touch of beauty to households and it’s really hard to stop at one; when it comes to Scheffleras, I always say: the more, the merrier!