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Use These 5 Methods To Remove Weeds From Gravel And Prevent Them From Coming Back

Use These 5 Methods To Remove Weeds From Gravel And Prevent Them From Coming Back

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Are weeds poking through your gravel? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. These annoying plants are pretty tough, and getting rid of them can seem like mission impossible. 

Luckily, there are some excellent methods for removing weeds from gravel. Best of all, none of them include pricey weed killers full of chemicals. 

Let’s transform your outdoor space into a weed-free oasis with these eco-friendly options!

1. Pull Them Out By Hand

Maintaining a gravel garden isn’t a hard task – until weeds occur. The first thing you should do is pull out the weeds using your hands

Of course, this method only works for smaller gardens and when weed roots aren’t deep in the ground. 

Put on gloves and find the part of the stem closest to the ground. Grab and wiggle it for a few seconds to loosen the soil and then take everything out. 

This will help you remove weed roots and prevent them from coming back. If the roots are too deep and it’s too hard to get them out, a long-bladed trowel or corkscrew can help you remove them. 

2. Apply DIY Weed Killer

If you don’t want to spend money on weed killers, or simply prefer an eco-friendly solution, you can make your own. 

One of the best options is using diluted vinegar and baking soda. Don’t use horticultural vinegar, and make sure not to apply this solution to surrounding plants and flowers. 

Add the solution to a spray bottle and apply it to all the weeds in your gravel. One application is often not enough so make sure to apply it a few times until all the weeds are gone. 

Another thing to consider is the weather on the day of the application. Never use this solution on a rainy day because it can wash it away and there’s a possibility the solution will reach other plants in your garden. 

3. Use Weed Suppressant Fabric

Gravel is an excellent option for many DIY landscaping designs, and planning ahead is the key to success. If you want to avoid problems with weeds in your gravel, consider using weed suppressant fabric or weed membrane. This method is perfect for preventing weeds from coming back.

This material inhibits weed growth so it can’t reach the gravel from the soil. Just like all other plants, weeds need light to develop further, and fabric will block light from reaching them

You’ll need to clear the space by removing all gravel, then you need to lay the fabric on the soil and bring the gravel back

There are many of these products on the market, so choose one according to size and your budget. 

4. Lay The Gravel More Thickly

The size of the gravel also matters and choosing the right type can help you prevent weeds from coming back.

Smaller types, such as pea gravel, have their pros and cons, and one of the main cons is that weeds germinate faster. 

You need to add more layers of gravel to create density so that the weeds can’t poke through. A 3-inch layer will suffice

Many landscapers recommend placing weed-resistant edging around the gravel. These are typically metal or plastic strips that will keep the weeds to the sides of the gravel so it’ll be easier to remove them. 

5. Keep The Area Clean

No matter how hard we try to prevent weeds, the probability some will appear is pretty high. You should include constant inspection of the gravel area in your gardening chores. It’s one of the most efficient weed prevention methods

This will allow you to spot any weeds in time and make it way easier to remove them. 

Gardeners also use another method for weed prevention. You need to test soil pH and if it’s not alkaline enough, you can apply lime or wood ash below the gravel. 

Another benefit of this method is that it makes the soil less susceptible to moss growth

Now that you’re well-equipped with the knowledge to remove and prevent weeds in your gravel, grab your gardening gloves and get rid of these unwelcome intruders!

Until next time.