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Awaken Your Inner Plant Whisperer And Bring Hydrangeas Back To Bloom

Awaken Your Inner Plant Whisperer And Bring Hydrangeas Back To Bloom

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When the first frost melts away, it’s time to plant Hydrangeas! These plants are in my garden every year because they are my all-time favorite! Not just for their beautiful colors, but also because their bushy growth fits perfectly in any yard.

Sometimes, your Hydrangeas might catch you off guard and not bloom. That wouldn’t be cool, but with the help of these amazing tricks, it won’t be a problem. Hydrangeas will bloom like crazy! 

You’ll have a stunning view that will leave you speechless every time you walk through your garden!

Let’s get started!

Protect Hydrangeas From Freezing Cold Weather

Cold weather can be the reason why your Hydrangeas don’t bloom at all. That’s why it’s important to protect them well if you hear colder weather is coming in the forecast.

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What can you do? It’s best to grow them in pots so you can bring them inside. The temperature can be low there, but it won’t harm them. Just make sure they don’t freeze!

You can keep them indoors until spring. It will only be necessary to water them once a month so the plant doesn’t fall into deep winter dormancy!

When Deer Are Nearby, Flowers Vanish Without A Trace

I’ve spotted deer in my garden too many times. They are really cute, and sometimes I can’t resist petting them because the ones that come into my garden are actually so friendly. Anyway, I don’t recommend trying this at home!

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They enjoy nibbling on these plants, which can prevent the flowers from blooming! You’ll need to find a friendly way to get rid of them. 

The best thing you can do is put the hydrangeas in a higher place where they can’t reach them. On the other hand, you can channel your inner Bob the Builder and put up a fence around them. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Check Soil While Planting

You can say goodbye to beautiful blooming hydrangeas if you use the wrong fertilizer. I remember when I first started my gardening career, I planted without fertilizer. Of course, they didn’t want to bloom! 

The key ingredient to get stunning blooms from these plants is nitrogen. This is their favorite type of fertilizer.

You also need to do a soil test! Hydrangeas prefer slightly acidic soil. So, next time before planting, do these two things and they will happily grow in your garden.

Be Careful When Trimming Hydrangeas 

Spring is the best time for trimming hydrangeas. This will encourage new growth and stronger branches!

How do you do it? First, you will need gardening shears. Then, remove the damaged and dry branches. 

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You also need to pay attention to whether your hydrangeas bloom on old or new branches. If they bloom on old wood, prune them after flowering. For those that bloom on new wood, prune them before the new growth starts.

Now it’s time to save your hydrangeas! Prepare your garden because after these tips they will bloom like never before. 

Good luck!