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Are Yellow Mushrooms Growing In My Houseplant Dangerous? 

Are Yellow Mushrooms Growing In My Houseplant Dangerous? 

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Noticing that there’s a yellow mushroom sprouting in your houseplant’s soil can be quite the unexpected surprise. Yellow leaves and soggy roots are often signs that there’s something wrong with your plant, but what about yellow mushrooms growing from the soil?

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s unravel the mystery of what it truly means. In this article, we are going to talk about this issue and how to effectively get rid of yellow mushrooms. 

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Why Is There A Yellow Mushroom Growing In My Houseplant?

The most common type of mushroom that grows in houseplants is actually called Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, also known as the ‘yellow parasol’ or ‘flower pot parasol’. 

This mushroom has bell-shaped caps and grows from one to three inches tall. It can grow in clusters or sprout individually. 

Although these mushrooms thrive in warm, humid environments so we might assume that overwatering is the real culprit, that’s usually not the case – these fungi grow from spores in contaminated soil. These spores are transmitted by air, pets, or humans. 

Is It Dangerous?

Luckily, these yellow mushrooms are generally not harmful to your plants. In fact, they can be beneficial and actually improve a plant’s health. This is because they absorb ammonium, which helps mobilize nutrients that are essential for your plants. 

What’s also interesting is that plants can communicate with mycelium networks; so, if there are any threats (insect infestation), the nearby plants will boost their innate defenses. 

This all seems rather lovely to plants, but the main issue is that they can be deadly to humans and pets. So, if you have pets and kids running around the house, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your yellow friend in plant pots.  

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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Mushrooms

It’s quite easy to get rid of yellow mushrooms. First, you should remove the caps in order to prevent the mushrooms from spreading and releasing new spores. Then, you should change the soil and use one that is not contaminated. 

Apply fungicide or neem oil and make sure to lower the heat and humidity in your home. Low temperatures and humidity will prevent mushrooms from sprouting. 
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