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7 Flowers That Can Bloom Year Round

7 Flowers That Can Bloom Year Round

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Flowers are there to bring life to our gardens and lives. There are plants for every season, but some can bloom year round with proper care.

You might need to take them inside or they may bloom all year only in certain climates, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their blossoms with a little bit of care.

Just pick the right one for your area, take them inside if their requirements dictate it, and give them everything they need for a colorful year.

Let’s get started!

1. African Violet

Sun exposure:Bright, indirect sunlight
Water needs:Once the soil is slightly dry
Soil requirements:Fertile, light, and well-drained

African violets bring so much charm and elegance to your window sills, especially when in bloom.

I love these plants because they can bloom 365 days a year with a little bit of proper care. Give them as much light as you can, but make sure it’s not direct or it will burn them.

Don’t water them too much. Irrigate them whenever their soil is slightly dry, let the excess drain through the pothole, and that’s it.

Finally, you’ll have to use the best soil for african violets, such as a mixture of coco coir, vermiculite, and earthworm castings.

With these things in mind, you’ll easily brighten up your indoor space with white, pink, mauve, or bicolor blossoms.

2. Begonia

Sun exposure:Bright, indirect sunlight
Water needs:Once a week
Soil requirements:Loose, loamy, fertile, and well-drained

If you know how to overwinter begonias, or you’re willing to learn, you’ll be able to enjoy their flowers all year round.

And the best part is that they don’t require too much care. Keep them in indirect light, fertile and well-draining soil, and water them every couple of days while young and once a week when they establish. In winter, you can irrigate them every 10 days or so.

However, you’re best bet is to check the soil and, if the top part is dry, you can give them some moisture.

Do this, and you’ll enjoy their colorful blossoms even in winter.

3. Geranium

Sun exposure:Full sun
Water needs:Once the topsoil is dry
Soil requirements:Fertile, loose, and well-drained

You can save your geraniums in fall as houseplants and enjoy their colorful blossoms all year long.

Take them before the first frost hits, place them in a spot with indirect sunlight, and water them whenever the top portion of their substrate is dry.

And once spring arrives, you can take them outdoors to a spot with full sun for the brightest colors.

4. Lavender

Sun exposure:Full sun
Water needs:Every two weeks
Soil requirements:Sandy and well-drained

Believe it or not, lavender is a plant that can flower all year long with a little bit of extra care. You’ll have to turn to growing lavender indoors, but once you smell its fragrance all over your home and see its purple flower stalks, you’ll never look back.

Place it near your brightest window, water it only when the top part of the substrate is dry (or every 2-3 weeks), and don’t plant it in an extremely fertile soil. The same goes if you want to grow it outdoors.

But know that it won’t flower outside all year long if you live in a colder climate.

5. Penta

Sun exposure:Full sun
Water needs:1-2 inches per week
Soil requirements:Well-drained

Pentas can flower all year long and come in an array of colors, although my favorites are definitely the starry balls of white blossoms.

Also known as the Egyptian star, pentas are on the list of gorgeous star-shaped flowers and can bloom all year long with a little bit of care.

Keep them in a spot with bright light throughout the day and give them some afternoon shade, especially in summer.

Give them plenty of water throughout the week, but always check the top 1-2 inches of soil before irrigating them. If it’s dry, you can give them something to drink.

And finally, you don’t have to be too careful about the type of soil you grow them in as long as it’s well-draining.

6. Seaside Daisy

Sun exposure:Full sun to light shade
Water needs:Once a week
Soil requirements:Well-draining chalk, sandy, or loamy soil

This plant is perfect for coastal areas where it will adorn rock gardens and flower beds with its year-long lavender petals and yellow centers.

It thrives in direct sunlight throughout the day but it does benefit from afternoon shade, especially in hotter regions. Water it about once a week if there’s no rain and make sure its substrate is well-draining.

Remember that it can bloom year round only in climates with mild winters.

7. Verbena

Sun exposure:Full sun
Water needs:An inch per week
Soil requirements:Fertile, loose, and well-drained

Verbena is on the list of colorful annuals that can bloom constantly, although you don’t have to limit yourself to these plants; you can grow some flowering perennials such as lavender and begonias.

But if you just love the color verbena can give you (and I’m talking about white, pink, purple, blue, apricot, red, and bicolors), you can add some to your garden or home.

In fact, it is a perennial in warm climates, and if you give it at least 8-10 hours of direct sunlight (or supplement it with artificial lighting), keep it moist but never wet, and plant it in a fertile and well-drained soil, you’ll enjoy their flowers all year long.

Of course, various weather conditions can make it drop its blossoms for a period, but it will quickly spring right back up.