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This Simple Ingredient Will Keep Spider Mites Off Your Houseplants 

This Simple Ingredient Will Keep Spider Mites Off Your Houseplants 

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We all know that sometimes small creatures aren’t harmless. One of the best examples are annoying spider mites!

These guys can wreak havoc on houseplant collections, especially if they form a colony. They spread very quickly, so we should start treating them ASAP. 

Well, you can keep spider mites off your houseplants with one simple ingredient I’m sure you already have in your home.

Let’s see which one is it. 

And The Ingredient Is…

Rubbing alcohol! This potent substance will help you get rid of notorious spider mites once and for all. 

But before I show you how to use it, it’s important to learn how to recognize spider mites have infested your houseplants. 

These arachnids have oval bodies and are barely noticeable to the naked eye. The tell-tale sign of infestations are webbings all over your plants. (1)

Many houseplant growers use soapy water to remove these nuisances. However, although this solution may destroy a couple of spider mites, it’s not as effective in the case of infestations

Rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, is very powerful and has proven to be the best solution for treating these pests. It won’t only remove adults, but also all spider eggs in the plant soil

Here are the steps for preparing and using this solution. 

1. Prepare a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol with 50% concentration.

2. Pour alcohol into a clean bowl, submerge the cloth into it, and squeeze it well to remove the excess. 

3. Gently rub each leaf on your houseplants and don’t skip the undersides. If there are spider mites on other plant parts, rub them as well

4. After you clean all your houseplants, pour water into a spray bottle and spray your plants to remove the rubbing alcohol. Make sure nothing is left because it can be detrimental to the plant’s health. 

That’s it! Bye-bye, spider mites!

Prevention Is The Best Cure

It’s always good to know what to do in the case of spider mite infestation, but you should focus on prevention first and foremost. 

Proper plant care and realizing what spider mites are drawn to are the best preventative measures you can take. 

These creatures thrive in dry and dusty conditions, so if you’ve underwatered your plant, you can expect them to pay a visit. Cleaning houseplant leaves is another preventative measure that will lead you to a spider mite-free environment.

Wiping the leaves of your indoor beauties with water will repel spider mites. However, make sure there aren’t any water drops on the leaves because it can lead to rotting and other issues. 

Spider mites need plants to survive but they’re more likely to attack diseased or damaged plant parts. 

So, meet all the requirements of your green buddies and inspect them regularly for the healthiest growth!

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