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10 Brilliant Climate-Positive Modern Garden Ideas

10 Brilliant Climate-Positive Modern Garden Ideas

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Whenever I see the word modern I think of muted colors and neat designs. The situation in many gardens nowadays is pretty similar; a couple of perfectly arranged plants and some fancy seating areas.

But that’s not the type of modern garden I’ll talk about today. Things have changed and experts are more oriented toward climate positivity rather than appearance. 

Here are 10 modern garden ideas that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious at the same time.

1. Soil Health First

No matter if you hire a professional landscaper or do the redesigning yourself, soil health must be the first priority

Remember that soil gives nutrients to our ornamental and edible plants, so keeping it organic is essential. 

This means that amending the soil with store-bought fertilizers isn’t an option. Additionally, you should never treat it with pesticides

You can add organic materials and in that way enhance microbial activity in the soil. These materials will also make your garden more resilient.  

Also consider the no-dig gardening method. It refers to layer planting in order to preserve carbon. If digging is unavoidable, do it as little as possible to protect the root system

2. Landscaping

Our main goal should be to balance our needs with the needs of the environment. We will get the best results if we find a way to connect these two.

Our three basic requirements are food, water, and shelter and we did not invent it but found it in nature. We must pay it back somehow and the best way to do so is to embrace wild aesthetics.

For instance, you can make a pond in your backyard if possible. If you add some wildflower plants and a pergola, you’ll get a splendid view.

3. Planting Evergreens

Instead of employing architectural shaping using hard materials, you can get the same effect by choosing suitable evergreen plants and arranging them accordingly.

Some gardening methods, such as xeriscaping, are based on choosing plants for a dryer climate. For instance, this may include planting ornamental grasses or plants native to deserts.

On the other hand, you can choose some plants that are more suitable for more humid climates and even use them for topiary.

Country garden designs are becoming more and more popular, and topiary is the perfect way to achieve it.

Box balls make an excellent addition to gardens and add a special touch of beauty. If you decide on this method, bear in mind that buxus is susceptible to box blight so you’ll need to inspect and prune it regularly. 

4. No-grass Backyard

A backyard without grass?! Well, no matter how good-looking the grass is, it’s not really water-wise. If you want to go with a more environmentally friendly method, make a wildlife garden.

You can make raised beds and use plants that attract pollinators, or install bird feeders and bee houses.

This gardening method will give you a captivating backyard but it also has other advantages, such as preventing soil erosion and softening noise pollution

5. Trees And Hedges

The easiest way to get structural lines in this type of garden is to use trees and plants for hedging

This method is commonly used nowadays and will give your garden a more contemporary look. You’ll definitely like the vista if you use this technique.

6. Create Biodiversity

Biodiversity should always be the goal of every gardener. This is one of the main principles of permaculture food forests and has numerous benefits. 

First, make sure to choose some native plants because they are adapted to your region and consequently require less care. 

Second, you need plants that will attract pollinators, such as wild bergamot, black-eyed Susan, and coneflower

Since using pesticides in modern garden designs isn’t recommended, consider growing some pest-repellent plant species

7. Install Outdoor Grill And Pool

Times have changed as well as the climate, so dry and hot weather isn’t uncommon even in northern areas. 

Pools and grills are becoming more and more popular, and we often choose to party at the back of our houses over going on expensive vacations. 

If you’re one of those people who prefer spending time at home, consider installing outdoor grill stations. The pool is another amazing idea, of course, if it fits your budget. 

Use natural stones when installing a pool and get more slip resistance by giving them a riven finish.  

Spice things up by adding some drought-tolerant plants

8. Small Patio Areas

Those who have compact outdoor spaces know the struggle of making them functional. However, you can create smaller patio areas perfect for family gatherings.

Another amazing thing about these areas is that it doesn’t cost much to make them. For instance, a few folding lounge chairs are an excellent option and they’re on the cheap side. 

Consider adding a vertical garden to your small patio areas by putting a few planters on the trellis, wall, or fence. 

9. Add Folly

Follies are back in style now! These old garden features make an amazing focal point and add a touch of whimsy to outdoor spaces. 

Of course, this method is more suitable for larger gardens. If you don’t want to ask for permission for a folly, make sure it doesn’t exceed 8.2 feet.

You can use anything to make this feature; stones and woods are excellent choices.

Research the craft of shelling and decorate your folly for an even better effect. 

For me, follies look the best when added to rock gardens.

10. Add Organic Sculptures 

Sculptures are welcome in almost any garden design. But if you want to incorporate one in your modern garden, you’ll need to go with an organic option.

What does that mean? Well, instead of stone and metal, you should use sculptures made of wood. Natural oak material is the best option since it’s easy to carve and most importantly durable and strong.

No matter how captivating contemporary gardens look, it’s always better to go with a climate-positive option. It’s not just about the looks but other benefits, such as creating pollinator and waterwise gardens. 

These types of modern gardens won’t change the ecological situation instantly, but that’s where we can start.