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13 Captivating Orange Rose Varieties

13 Captivating Orange Rose Varieties

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There are some colors that make everything better, especially when it comes to garden design. The one I’m especially fond of is orange and all its shades. It combines perfectly with green and adds vibrance and warmth to outdoor spaces. 

Roses are extraordinary plants and their beauty is incomparable. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your garden, roses are the best choice. 

So, the key to a fascinating garden display that will leave everyone speechless is adding orange roses! 

I’ll show you 13 spectacular orange rose varieties that will transform your garden into an enchanting oasis!

Let’s get started! 

1. Ring Of Fire

The first orange rose on our list is the magnificent Ring of Fire. The combination of earthy tones of rusted metal and reddish-brown hues make this plant truly unique. 

This award-winning variety will look amazing in any garden design but pairs best with blue-colored plants. 

The blossoms are massive and last for a long time, making them perfect for bouquets. The mild sweet fragrance is just another great feature of the Ring of Fire variety. 

It’s a vigorous grower and will reward you with an abundance of blossoms throughout the season. If you live in climates with harsh winters, you should ensure some protection because this is a heat-loving perennial

2. Double Easy Orange

If you’re into apricot tones, the Double Easy Orange rose is a perfect choice for you. Large vivid blossoms appear in spring and last all until the first frost

The plant has a compact growth habit so it’s suitable for gardeners with limited spaces. The blossoms emit a fruity fragrance, so walks through your garden will be even more pleasant.

Maintaining roses can be challenging for beginners, but the Double Easy Orange isn’t fussy about its growing conditions. It even tolerates warm temperatures, so no matter how hot it is, you can enjoy the splendid and healthy blossoms!

3. Crazy Love

If you want to cheer up your garden, the Crazy Love rose is just what you need. It features spectacular large and full blossoms that come in shades of yellow, blush, and copper. 

This is a perfect variety for warmer climates and will produce an abundance of blossoms during the first year

A combination of full sun and high temperatures will cause a change in tone for your Crazy Love rose, and your garden will look vibrant and rich as a result!

4. Amour de Molène

Love is in the air, I mean in your garden. Amour de Molène will give your garden a romantic touch with its captivating salmon and deep coral blossoms!

It blooms all season long and each blossom can be up to 6 inches in diameter. The classic rose scent only adds to the beauty of this remarkable species.  

5. Lady Of Shalott

If you need to decorate your fence or any other structures in your garden, the Lady of Shalott will do the job because it can be trained to climb

The blossoms come in sunset orange with a touch of strawberry pink and golden yellow hues

The rose was named after the poem The Lady of Shalott by Lord Alfred Tennyson. It’s an award-winning variety and will transform your garden into a romantic haven!

6. Roald Dahl

Here comes another variety whose name comes from literature! This one was named after Roald Dahl, a famous British author, and definitely deserves a spot in your garden!

It’s similar to tough roses and even beginners can keep it happy and healthy without too much effort. 

Peachy apricot double blossoms can have up to 40 petals each and their fragrance is somewhere between tea roses and citrus fruits. 

The Roald Dahl rose variety shows an excellent tolerance to common rose pests and diseases. It can tolerate temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Another great thing about this orange rose variety is that it can be successfully grown in containers. If you don’t have enough space outdoors, this rose is the perfect choice!

7. Tangerine Skies

Another climber on our list is the captivating Tangerine Skies. It reaches 8 feet tall and blooms best if you train it horizontally along a fence or wall. 

Glossy green leaves, a sweet fragrance, and pumpkin-orange blossoms make this rose truly unique. 

This variety needs a few years to develop a robust root system and start blooming. But when it starts blooming, it won’t stop and will generate an abundance of lovely orange blossoms season after season. 

8. Lady Ema Hamilton

The cupped blossoms of the Lady Ema Hamilton rose will enchant all the English-rose lovers out there. This rose plant produces numerous red buds that gradually open into cupped blooms, displaying a warm tangerine color.

Your garden will be full of Lady Ema Hamilton roses from spring until the first frost. As an added bonus, the blooms will emit a citrusy scent

This variety is highly tolerant to diseases, which is another reason why it got an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society.

9. Vavoom

If you like the classic orange color, Vavoom is the perfect rose variety for you. Orange blossoms with a sweet and fruity scent combine well with the burgundy and dark green leaves. 

This variety produces a lot of blossoms throughout the season and won’t mind if you grow it in partial shade.  

When compared to other rose varieties, Vavoom is more susceptible to Black spot disease. Thorns in this rose may be a problem for some growers, so grow it if you don’t mind wearing gloves whenever handling it. 

10. At Last

The At Last rose features magnificent apricot double blossoms with a sweet perfume. It’s a prolific bloomer and does well in containers.

If you need a rose that will keep producing blooms even if you neglect it a little bit, the At Last will be perfect.  

11. Just Joey

Just Joey is a beautiful rose species with bright coral blossoms that emerge into a tea shape and then gradually open up to reveal lovely golden stamens.

Wavy petals and an apricot-like scent only add to the beauty of this amazing plant. The blossoms last for a long time in a vase and make an excellent addition to floral bouquets. 

Generally speaking, Just Joey roses aren’t hard to maintain but you’ll need to put in more effort at the beginning. Once it’s established, your hard work will be rewarded with numerous blooms. 

12. Nelson Mandela

Well, there’s no need to explain the name of this rose. When it comes to appearance, it reminds me of classic Italian roses. Large, semi-double, reddish-orange blossoms emit a somewhat spicy fragrance. 

The Nelson Mandela rose variety doesn’t need much to thrive and performs well in containers.

You’ll get more rose blooms if you provide it with a lot of full sun

13. Strike It Rich

Adding a touch of elegance to the garden has never been easier! All you need to do is add the lovely Strike It Rich rose. It features orange blossoms that fade to golden yellow as the blooming season comes to an end.

Each bloom is approximately 5 inches in diameter and emits a spicy scent. This rose is pretty thorny, so gloves are a must! 

That’s it! If you think your garden could benefit from some orange color, the roses on this list are all you need!