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This Perennial Herb Has So Many Benefits And Is An Absolute Must-Have In Your Garden

This Perennial Herb Has So Many Benefits And Is An Absolute Must-Have In Your Garden

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What’s the first thing you notice when you take a look at someone’s garden? Flowers, of course (assuming there are any)! They’re undoubtedly breathtaking, but they often overshadow one more important species: herbs.

You know the saying: never judge a book by its cover! For me, herbs look just as beautiful as flowers but their main power lies in the benefits they have for our gardens. This especially applies to perennial herbs that will come back year after year without you putting in all the effort!

Now picture this: an herb with stunning lavender blossoms that attract pollinators, has low care requirements, and low to zero susceptibility to pests and diseases.

Does such a thing even exist? YES!

Wall Germander Is The Herb That Definitely Has It All

It’s pretty uncommon to see wall germander in gardens, but things shouldn’t stay that way. It has a lot to offer and if I didn’t plant it in my garden, I would’ve made a huge mistake. 

So what’s so special about this herb? As mentioned, it attracts pollinators. To be more specific, it will draw bees, mainly honey bees but you may also see some bumble bees buzzing around it. 

When my wall germander was in full bloom, I even noticed a couple of hummingbird moths and butterflies. And trust me, these are rare in gardens!

If you need a border plant, this herb can take care of it, too. It can reach up to 2 feet, grows densely, and responds perfectly to planting in rows

You can use wall germander as a filler plant and put it behind flowers that grow a little sparse. I told you that flowers aren’t the only good thing in gardens!

And if you have some nosy neighbors, this herb can help you get some well-needed privacy. 

Wait, that’s not all! Deer aren’t really fond of this plant and won’t come near it. If these mischievous animals are bothering your plants, wall germander will act as a security guard!

Pests and diseases aren’t something you’ll need to deal with if you grow this herb. I’ve seen a few aphids here and there but my wall germander handled them with ease!

But Make Sure You Read This Before Planting It

Well, even though wall germander has so many benefits, there are a few things to consider before planting it.

This herb thrives in quick-draining soil types and absolutely adores direct sun exposure. You’ll need to pay more attention to watering until your wall germander is fully established. 

I watered it weekly and when I noticed it put on a lot of new growth, I switched to irrigating twice a month.

And now we come to the tricky part. Your wall germander will start growing like crazy after it’s established. That’s what we wanted, right? Well, this could be a problem since this herb could take over your yard in no time.

For expert gardeners with a lot of pruning experience, this doesn’t pose a problem. However, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to be careful if you’re planting your wall germander near other plants

If you’re afraid it will grow too wild for your taste, I recommend reserving a special part of your garden just for this plant. This way, you’ll use all its benefits without worrying about excess spreading.

One more thing, if you are sensitive to skin irritation caused by plants, you should wear gloves when handling your wall germander. 

It’s obvious that wall germander has way more advantages than drawbacks. The final verdict? This herb is definitely worth it! It’s not just about adding greenery to your outdoor space, but rather letting it be a beacon of vitality in your garden!