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Turn Your Old Plastic Containers Into Zero-Cost Plant Labels With This Amazing Hack

Turn Your Old Plastic Containers Into Zero-Cost Plant Labels With This Amazing Hack

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You know what’s one of the most complicated things I have to do after planting my spring garden? Remembering what I planted in the soil! 

Visiting local garden centers is literally the only thing I do these days. Keeping track of what I purchase and where I plant it isn’t really my cup of tea. Or should I say it wasn’t, because I finally found a brilliant way to make labels for my plants. 

I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t just purchase manufactured labels. Well, it’s not that I’m stingy, but I prefer spending money on plants only. 

And for the purpose of labeling, I use my old plastic containers! The best thing is that you can use different types of these containers; from empty shampoo bottles to takeout boxes!

Eager to learn more? Then keep reading!

Just Follow These Easy Steps

First things first, you need to collect all the tools and supplies you’re going to use. Don’t worry, the list is super short.

Take a few old plastic containers (or one large one), a sharp pair of scissors, and a permanent marker, and you’re good to go!

Let’s make those labels!

1. Start with washing your containers thoroughly. I’m also not a fan of cleaning but you don’t want any yogurt on your hands!

2. Do your best to remove the sticky label from your containers. I had issues with a few so I guess I’m gonna need a hack for that one, too. 😉 

3. Once everything is entirely dry, grab your scissors and remove the top and the bottom part of each container. After cutting, it should have a rectangular or square shape.

4. Since you’ll need flat surfaces, make sure to snip the ends of your containers.  

5. Cut the flat surface into a few strips; each should be about an inch wide

And there you have it! You can use your labels like this or make some adjustments, such as shortening them. 

I cut the end of each label into a triangular shape so that it’s easier to put them in my soil. Ok, this isn’t something revolutionary, but for someone who’s anything but creative, this is a lot.

Now take a permanent marker and write the names of the seeds/seedlings/transplants on the labels. 

Remember those top and bottom parts of the container we removed? Don’t you dare toss them out! They’ll make perfect pot saucers or DIY hand shovels!

Despite what many claim, it’s not easier to just go and buy everything. By reusing plastic packaging you’re actually contributing to reducing waste, and I’m sure you already know how much plastic pollution there is out there. 

Ready to embark on your eco-friendly journey? Here’s to nurturing both your plants and our planet, one crafty project at a time!