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These 6 Pet-Friendly Plants Are Ideal For You If You Are A Proud Animal Owner

These 6 Pet-Friendly Plants Are Ideal For You If You Are A Proud Animal Owner

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The arrival of spring brings with it the desire to decorate our homes with our favorite plants. Of course, it’s important to note that many flowers can actually be harmful to your pets, so you need to be careful about the ones you choose.

We know our little friends love to play with everything, whether it’s a ball, their favorite toy, or even a plant. 

Just imagine the scene: you place your plant on the floor, only to have a vase broken, soil spilled on the carpet, and your pet’s cute, innocent look staring back at you. Although this situation might be funny, you also want to make sure they’re unharmed!

You’re probably already wondering which flowers are safe for them. Don’t stress, though! I’m here to give you lots of ideas that will not only make your home look beautiful but also be safe for your buddies.

#1 Calatheas Are Green Beauties And Pets Just Love Them

So, let’s start with the green beauty, Calathea. This plant will not only add vibrancy and beauty to your house, but the pets will also love it and you can relax knowing that it will not harm them.

This flower has stunning leaves with eye-catching colors and patterns. It can be green, silver, yellow, and burgundy. 

They are also known as tropical plants and require sunlight, but you must be careful not to expose them directly to sun or their color will fade and the flower will dry out.That would be a real shame, wouldn’t it?

It’s a great option for our health because studies have shown that it can also help filter the air around it.

#2 Breathtaking African Violets Come In Different Shades Of Purple

The popular African violet is a fantastic option for you. Its fluffy leaves don’t release any poisonous substances that could be dangerous for your pets’ health.

Violets also tolerate all conditions, even winter, and come in beautiful shades of purple and pink. They don’t require excessive watering, and their colors will make your home look aesthetic and eye-catching.

A little trick with this plant is that you can use the peels of lemons to make natural fertilizer for your flowers.  

To make citrus-infused water, just soak lemon peels in water for a few days. Then, water your flowers with this water. The minerals found in lemon peel can support and nourish the plants’ growth.

#3 Spider Plants Are Perfect For New Gardeners, And Your Pets

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have eight legs and it doesn’t move! This little guy is ideal for beginners. It is known for its green and white leaves, and can grow up to 60 cm.

Our spider buddy thrives in all conditions, just water it once a week and avoid direct sunlight.

Spider plants are a great addition to any interior area. Research has shown that having them nearby can instantly reduce stress and promote relaxation. 

So, having one in your house is similar to having a tiny Zen master there to welcome you home after a long day at work.

They are also great for hanging baskets because of their falling leaves. Just think how lovely it would be to surprise someone with a basket filled with gorgeous flowers!

#4 Chinese Money Plants Are A Safe Choice For Your Little Friends

They are very safe and simple to care for, especially for beginners. They don’t need much water and adore the sun.

This plant has an extremely interesting backstory! Because of its round form and green leaves, it has a symbolic value connected to wealth and good fortune, much like old Chinese coins.

It’s believed to create positive energy at home or at work. That seems like something that everyone would desire in their house!

#5 A Colorful Orchid Is A Beautiful Decoration For Your Home

If you like orchids, then they are the right thing for you! You may keep them in your house with your pets without risk since they cause no threat if swallowed

But, let me be honest, caring for orchids is far more complex in this regard than caring for your pet. They are quite difficult to maintain.

When it comes to beauty, you have to be patient because they need a lot of your attention. They have some of the most magnificent blooms, and they smell so good that your house will truly be refreshed. 

Don’t be sad if the flowers fall off, because they will grow back again. So, if you want to impress your family and friends, don’t give up on growing.

#6 Fascinating Zigzag Flowers Will Amaze You

Unlike most common desert cacti, this unique flower originates from the center of the Mexican jungle. It has done a fantastic job adapting to our interior circumstances because it is used to soft light and higher humidity levels.

As houseplants, fishbone cactuses should not be grown in direct sunlight. The leaves will bleach out and turn pale if the sun is too intense and they get too much sunshine. 

Other than looking great and complementing any interior design, cacti may interest our pets because of their cute appearance.

What Happens If Your Pet Comes Across A Toxic Plant?

Now that I’ve shown you the plants that aren’t harmful, I also want to share with you what you can do if your pet comes across toxic plants. As a dog owner, it would be a nightmare if something as bad as poisoning happened to my pet.

Of course, it can happen even to the most careful owners because pets are naturally curious, especially when they’re still young and everything is fascinating to them. This awakens their tiny explorer spirit. 

Does this also remind you of that sweet phase with children when they are little adventurers and you have to warn them what they can and cannot do? It is the same with our little pets: while they are small we have to watch every step.

The most important thing is to stay calm, remove the plant from their mouth, gently rinse their mouth, and try to identify the plant. Then, it’s time to call the vet because they’re the experts.

You definitely want to stay away from aloe vera, tulips, daffodils, ivy, and lilies. Now that you know which plants are dangerous, you can protect your small pals by avoiding them.

I hope I gave you some ideas so you can have fun with your new sun loving buddies. 

My advice is to choose from the plants in this article as they are truly breathtaking and you can rest assured that they are not harmful.